20-year-old youth is actually some 160 years old

Also: Pregnant woman killed by jinn

Dean Andrews who suffers from a rare ageing disease has a 160-year-old body.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, in just 20 years he has aged eight times faster than normal. There are only about 74 such cases reported in the world.

The 20-year-old weighs just he weighs just about 20kgs. He was diagnosed with progeria at seven years and his mother was told he would not live beyond his early teens.

But he has not let the condition affect his lifestyle. Andrews has learnt to drive and even began a mechanics course at college but had to pull out as his 4feet frame was too tiny for the car's bonnets.

He lives in Brimingham, UK, with his mother and siblings.

Pregnant woman killed by 'jinn'

A pregnant wife was allegedly smothered to death by her family in the UK, who claimed in court that she may have been killed by an evil spirit.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, 21-year-old Nalia Mumtaz, was killed by her husband, his parents and his brother-in-law. They all claimed she may have been killed by evil spirits and deny manslaughter.

Mumtaz, born in Pakistan, entered into an arranged marriage with her husband in 2007.

During her pregnancy she was seen by a doctor and many midwives, the paper reported. Her parents in Pakistan claim that she called them a day before her death saying she was "not at peace" with her her in-laws.

She was found lying lifeless in her bed and rushed to hospital by medics but they could not save her. The unborn child also died with her.

Reports say the father-in-law was heard saying that 'a jinn had been sent from Pakistan', while a woman at the house allegedly said 'we will cure her'. 

An haunted shop...cameras capture action

An Australian shop owner is clueless about the happenings in his shop.

Norm Hurst sloed shop as usual one night in ship-shape condition only to find Roll-Up packet off its aisle the next morning.

According to 'news.com.au, CCTV cameras in the shop mysteriously switched on to capture a Roll-Ups packet being flung to the ground.

He bought the store last year and allegedly had been warned by the previous owner that the shop is haunted.

Disappointed thieves rough up broke men

Unidentified thieves stopped three Asian men in the middle of the night and ordered them to hand all their money. When the disappointed thieves found that the three were broke, they beat them up and fled.

The two Indians and one Pakistani told police they were walking back home in Fantas neighborhood in Kuwait City when they were intercepted by three Arab-speaking men, the Kuwaiti Alawatan daily reported.

“They produced medical reports showing they have been severely beaten up…police opened an investigation into the incident,” it said.

Free pee campaign 
A new campaign called 'Right to pee' is fighting for the rights of women in Mumbai, India, to pee for free in public toilets. Men can currently use the services for free, the BBC reports.

A new campaign urges government to make the facilities free for all. The campaign is being supported by 35 non-governmental organisations.

"They should be allowed to pee for free, the public toilets should provide vending machines with sanitary towels, like men have for condoms, and they should have a changing room in the toilets," campaign leader Rahul Gaekward told the BBC.

 [Picture Courtesy: whatsonshenzhen.com]


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