41-year-old housewife looks 20 years younger

She credits her beauty and figure to daily exercise and a healthy fruit-laden diet

Looking at photos of Taiwanese Zhang Tingxuan, it is hard to believe she is a 41-year-old mother of two.

Zhang shot to internet stardom almost overnight, after photos of the youthful-looking housewife with an enviable physique began circulating on the internet.

Zhang has been compared to 44-year-old Japanese model and homemaker, Mizutani Masako, who is also known for her age-defying good looks.

Mizutani reportedly spends at least five hours on her beauty regimen every day and claims taking care of her looks is a "woman's duty".

Zhang, who looks like she could be in her 20s, credits her beauty and figure to daily exercise and a healthy fruit-laden diet.

Dubbed the "gym goddess", Zhang is shown working out at the gym in some of the photos, where she flaunts her trim body and flawless abs.

Taiwanese media that have interviewed Zhang attest to her natural beauty.

However, some netizens have expressed their doubts, claiming her photos may have been digitally retouched.

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