A dad shaved off his beard and left his 14-month-old toddler confused when she didn't recognise him

Photo: YouTube

The 32-year-old dad, named Jeremy, surprisingly shaved off his facial hair and unveiled the dramatic change to his daughter, Amelia Batiz, who was left unsure who he was.

Sofia, 36, said: "I didn't know that he was going to shave it off that day either.

"He just asked me to get the camera rolling on my phone and then he walked out of the bathroom.

"It was a big shock for Amelia and for me!

"Ever since Amelia was born daddy always had a beard, so when it was gone she had absolutely no idea who he was.

"The expression she made was priceless, it was a disgusted face, like, 'eeew get away from me.'

"It took about half a day before she realised that this strange new man was actually daddy,

"He was trying to do all the things that he always does with her, like he takes her out to get the mail with him every day, but she was suspicious.

"It wasn't until he read her favorite book to her that she finally caught on, he always reads it to her in this special way, so she twigged."

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