A man claims he was abducted by aliens

Photo: Bang

A 70-year-old man has claimed he was abducted by aliens in the 1980s and he has written a book to detail the event.

A former policeman named Alan Godfrey has claimed he has come face to face with the supernatural beings after he had a close encounter by with the otherworldly creatures in 1980, the Metro Online has reported.

Alan spotted the alleged UFO when he was investigating a case about missing cows.

Alan tried to call for back-up at the time, but his radio was dead, so to log the sight he drew a picture.

Alan has penned a book named 'Who or What Were They?' for his grandchildren to read about the event.

Speaking about the moment, he said: "This book tells it like it is - everything that occurred but which someone did not want you to read.

"When you see something like that out of nowhere and you feel strange sensations and hear messages coming into your head then you know this is not just a routine police patrol."