Arrest her… she bit my dog!

Kuwaiti cops dragged into dog-fight

Kuwaiti policemen were enjoying a relative lull at their station in the capital away from the usual daily trouble when an angry American woman stormed into the centre with her dog and shouted at them: a bitch bit my dog and you must arrest it.

For a moment, the police men at the station in Kuwait City froze and stared at the fuming woman and her bitten dog, apparently not knowing what to do. When they came round, they decided to bring in the aggressive bitch and settle the case.

“The owner came with his attacking dog to the station and tried to reach a settlement with the American woman, who was still fuming,” Alanba daily said.

“The angrily woman described that animal as a wild, rabid and biting dog. She then demanded treatment for her dog and the arrest of the dog."

The Arabic language paper said police registered a case in their files but it did not make clear whether it was resolved.

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