Asian steals mobile, returns to sell to store

Owner identifies thief through hidden security camera

An Asian man walked into a mobile phone shop in Kuwait, waited for the owner to get busy with other customers and stole a handset before walking out as quietly as he walked in. When the owner found out later a handset was pinched, it was not difficult for him to identify the thief through the hidden security camera.

The owner waited for all customers to leave the shop before making up his mind to dial the police. But he was spared that effort when the thief himself walked back into the shop and tried to sell the same phone he had just stolen.

“Once he handed him the handset, the shop owner grabbed the thief and phoned the police, who came and arrested the Asian,” the Kuwaiti daily Alwatan said.

It was not clear what made the unnamed thief return to the same shop to sell his loot but the paper appears to have found out the reason. “A stupid thief tries to sell a mobile phone to the same shop where he stole it,” it said.


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