Axe murderer eats victim's brain and eye

UK: A man has been arrested in Florida for killing a homeless person from Connecticut and eating some of his victim's body parts.

The murderer turned up at his cousin's place after the incident covered in blood. He allegedly claimed that he had consumed the victim's eyes and brains after killing him with a hatchet.

The killer also said that the eyeball tasted like an oyster.

The cousin told the authorities that the killer had blood on his pants, was carrying an axe and wanted to take a shower to clean himself up.

The cousin contacted the authorities after the victim's body was discovered in an abandoned building a few days later. By that time, the victim's body was significantly decomposed.


Mother batters six-month-old baby, breaks 15 bones

US: A six-month-old baby was admitted in a hospital with 15 broken bones. The baby's step-father dialed for an ambulance when he saw the baby's arm dangling at an awkward angle in their home.

The baby was taken to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester for treatment, reports the Telegram and Gazette.

Horrified doctors discovered a spate of injuries on the little infant's whole body. The injuries were not spontaneous in nature as they were in differet stages of healing, the docs said.

The step-father claimed he never saw the baby's mother harm the child. However, she has a history of mental problems. He met the mother of the child after she was discharged from a mental hospital and was living in a state shelter.

The police took out a warrant in the mother's name. When she heard about the charges she tried attacking the step-father with an eight-inch knife and even threatened to cut herself.

The state Department of Children and Families has taken custody of the baby. The trial for child battery is on.


Adult star arrested over baby milk brawl

LAS VEGAS: A well-known adult star and her partner were arrested on charges of domestic battery after the couple got into a scuffle over their 5-month-old boy's formula.

The lady in question got back into her hotel room after partying hard. The father and son had been waiting for her in the hotel room. The star claims she did not have enough milk to feed the baby, which led to the fight.

Things got dirty when the father called her an unfit mother and the situation took a turn for the worse when he pushed her towards a wall and she punched him at the back of his head.

According to the report, police reviewed the hotel security tape of the hallway outside the couple's room and saw Lyndell push Tori "with such violent force that she flies across the hall." Police say she had bruises on her arms.

The couple was arrested and booked for domestic battery.


Headless body in topless bar

ALBANY: The 53-year-old killer who inspired the inspired the 1983 New York Post headline "Headless body in topless bar" has been denied parole.

This was Charles Dingle's third attempt at parole, reports

Parole board members feel he is still a threat to society. And given that he shot a bar owner, took four women hostage, raped one and ordered another to cut off the bar owner's head, the outcome is not surprising.

Dingle is currently serving 25 years to life for murder, robbery, rape and kidnapping.


Doctor sued over large breast implants

SANTA ANA: A plastic surgeon in Orange county has been sued by his patient for giving her 'enormous breast implants'. He performed the surgery just a few days before his license was scrapped by the authorities for exploiting his position and having sex with a patient while her husband waited in the parking lot.

The lady wanted to go for a breast lift procedure as she had lost a large amount of weight. However, the surgeon recommended breast implant.

The patient claims she was rushed into having the $3,500 surgery just two weeks later. The woman regained consciousness after the surgery to discover that she looked like a monster. When requested, the doctor refused to reverse the procedure.

She was forced to go to another doctor who not only reversed the procedure but also lifted her assets like she originally wanted.


Four-year-old boy pulls out marijuana at school snack time

US: A pre-kindergarten boy who announced to his teacher at snack time that he wanted to share pulled nine bags of marijuana out of his jacket pocket, police said on Wednesday.

Police in Meriden, Connecticut, some 20 miles south of Hartford, were called to Hanover Elementary School Tuesday afternoon after the 4-year-old special needs student displayed the drugs, authorities said.

Meriden police said the nine individually wrapped bags of marijuana appeared prepared for sale.

Hanover Elementary School principal Miguel Cardona called it an "extremely unfortunate" and "isolated" incident that was not witnessed by any other students. "What's so disheartening is this is really an adult issue and problem and adult behavior put a student at risk," Meriden schools superintendent Mark Benigni told Reuters.

"This student had no idea what he brought to school or what the substance was," he added. Authorities are not releasing the names of the student or parents and police said there is a possibility for arrests pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Department of Children and Families is also looking into the incident.

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