Bizarre: Cashier asks robber to wait in queue

US: Authorities say a Michigan gas station cashier turned away a robber, refusing to give her money and saying she'd have to wait her turn in line.
The Detroit News says it happened Monday morning at a Speedway Station in Ypsilanti Township, east of Ann Arbor.
The Washtenaw County sheriff's office says the female suspect entered the station with a shirt pulled over her head.
The suspect reportedly told the clerk she had a gun and demanded money.According to a sheriff's office statement, "the cashier politely told her 'no' and that she would have to wait her turn because there were other people waiting in line."
The statement says the suspect walked around the counter but fled when the cashier said she was calling police.
An investigation continues. (AP)
Woman bites mom, throws dog
UK: A 20-year-old Glastonbury woman faces assault and animal cruelty charges after police say she bit her mother and threw the family dog.
Police tell The Hartford Courant that Lindsay Anderson was intoxicated when she was arrested on Saturday after a domestic dispute at her home.
She was charged with violating a protective order, disorderly conduct, interfering with a 911 call, third-degree assault and cruelty to animals and is due in Superior Court in Manchester on July 16.
There was no telephone listing for Anderson in Glastonbury, and it was not immediately clear if she has hired an attorney. (AP)
Man accidentally eats steel at BBQ

US: A Tacoma man says he needed emergency surgery after accidentally eating a steel bristle from a grill brush he used during a barbeque.
KING 5 reports that Adam Wojtanowicz's went to the hospital Sunday complaining of abdominal pain that wouldn't go away despite his taking medication. Doctors found a metal bristle and performed emergency surgery.
Adam says he recently hosted a cookout, and he thinks a steel bristle from his grill brush fell onto his steak. He says he apparently swallowed the metal without realizing it.
The Centers for Disease Control says it knows of at least six people who have recently suffered similar, potentially fatal, injuries from brush bristles.
It doesn't blame a particular brand or type of brush. Wojtanowicz is expected to make a full recovery.
Man tried to hide gun in airport planter box
US: An Oregon man has been arrested after airport authorities saw him trying to hide his gun in a planter box so he could retrieve it upon his return.

The Oregonian reports that 69-year-old Soren Muir Johnson of Eagle Point was arrested for investigation of reckless endangering.

Transportation Security Administration employees say he was told he couldn't carry his loaded weapon through a security checkpoint and that he should put it in his luggage instead.

They say that they watched as he disregarded that advice and instead dropped the .22-caliber pistol in an airport planter box on June 24.

Port of Portland spokesman Steve Johnson says police recovered the gun. Police say the man told them he hid the gun so he could retrieve it when he returned from his trip.

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