Bizarre: Dad beheads girl for divorcing hubby

EGYPT: In yet another gruesome case of honour killing, a hysterical father cut his daughter’s neck and stabbed her body on the streets in Egypt, reports Al Youm Al Sabea’a.

Furious at his daughter’s separation from her husband, the father got wild and went in search of his daughter. A neighbour reported to the angry old man that he had seen the girl sell tea to labourers and drivers.

He reached the town named '6th October', took her back to his home town and upon reaching the vicinity of his residence, he dragged her by her hair, beat her up black and blue in public.

When the girl pleaded for help, he threatened to harm those who attempted to approach them. He then grabbed a knife and chopped off her neck. Even after killing her he was not satisfied and began stabbing his dead daughter.

The father pleaded guilty and was not remorseful over his act. He said he was glad to get rid of his daughter who had defamed the family name by leaving her husband over a trivial issue.

Girl, 4, survives fall from 10th floor

INDIA: A four-year-old girl who was left with a baby sitter in Navi Mumbai by her parents had a miraculous escape. The little girl fell from the 10th floor balcony and landed on a grassy patch on the ground floor.

Barring a leg fracture and a minor injury to one eye, she escaped unscathed, reports The Times of India.

The girl was playing inside the apartment but strayed to the balcony and managed to slip through a gap below the glass barrier put up there to safeguard children.

The parents were undoubtedly relieved to find their daughter alive after the accident. The couple have made a formal complaint against the creche manager for negligence.
Boy, 12, loses eyesight in mobile explosion

INDIA: In a tragic incident, a boy lost his eyesight when a fake mobile phone exploded while it was being charged.

The 12-year old boy who is a resident of Nagpur suffered chemical burns on his eyes, hands and lips, reports The Times of India.

The boy's retina was ruptured during the explosion and he may never be able to see with his right eye. He has already undergone surgery in a bid to ensure that the infection does not reach the brain.

Mobile phone users have been warned not to use cheap and fake mobile phones as they have the tendency to blow up if overcharged or used while charging.
Caregiver rapes disabled youngster

INDIA: A 22-year-old disabled man was sodomised by the warden of a shelter house for the mentally challenged.

The father of the man with special needs was shocked when a medical check-up revealed that his son had been sexually assaulted by someone whose job was to look after the disabled residents of the institute.

The institute is based in the Indian state of Haryana, reports Mid-Day.

The victim's parents have filed a police complaint and the accused has been charged with 'unnatural sexual assault' and is likely to be arrested soon even as the police investigation into the matter is on.

Woman catches child who falls 3 stories

A 2-year-old fell off a three-story downtown Medford building into the arms of a 21-year-old neighbor who may have saved the boy's life.

"I said: 'It's OK, baby; if you fall, I will catch you,' " Kristen Beach recounted.

The infant, whom she called "Freddy," was unscathed as Beach held fast to his torso during the fall, her knees giving way under his weight Sunday morning.

"I still can't believe that happened."

Beach, who has a 2-year-old of her own, was standing outside her apartment building on Main Street talking to her mother when she heard screams from across the street just after 10 a.m.

"He was crying when he was up there," she said. "I could see the tears and the snot running down his face."

Medford police Sgt. D.J. Graham said the boy was hanging onto a small lip around the edge of the roof of the former Fluhrer's Bread building, across from Alba Park at 25 N. Holly Street.

Graham said a single-family residential unit is located inside the building, where the boy's family lives.

The mother, 22-year-old Amelia Marion Elizabeth Smith, was arrested and charged with two counts of child neglect, two charges of endangering a minor and two charges of endangering. She posted bail Sunday night and was released.

Graham said the baby was examined by medical personnel and didn't appear to have suffered any injuries.

He said Medford police and fire officials at the scene couldn't believe that Beach had the presence of mind to actually catch the baby

"It's amazing," said Graham. "The baby was really calm when we arrived on the scene."

Beach said she was in a bit of a daze when police and fire personnel arrived.

"Everybody kept patting me on the shoulders and saying, 'You're my hero,' " she said.

The only thing that was damaged in the incident was Beach's phone, which cracked as it slipped off her shoulder as she was trying to call for help while holding the baby.

When the boy's mother came out of the building after police arrived, she was very grateful, Beach said.

"She just hugged me and said 'thank you, thank you,' " Beach said.

Beach said she was worried that if something bad happened to the youngster during the fall, she could be held responsible.

She knew the boy didn't have the strength to pull himself back up onto the roof because she spent about two minutes talking to him while he just hung there.

"I was completely ready," she said. "But I was terrified."

After she told him she would catch him, the boy let go.

She said he has cute blond hair and was wearing the same red shirt with stripes that Cole, her own 2-year-old son, wears.

"I asked if he was hurt, 'Do you have owies?' " she said. "I was crying right along with him."

When he said he wasn't hurt, the boy became steadily calmer, Beach remembers.

"I told him he was being very brave," she said.

Beach's mom, Cathy Blake, 50, said she was sitting in her car next to the Medford Hotel when she saw the boy dangling from the roof.

"My daughter ran over very quickly," the Gold Hill resident said. "I got on the phone and called 911."

Her daughter stood next to the building crying out frantically for help to the boy's mother or any other family member, but nobody responded, Blake said.

"After one or two minutes, the boy let go," Blake said. "She caught him, and the only thing I saw was his little feet hit the ground. She just scooped him up into her arms."

A passer-by lent assistance, and soon Medford police showed up along with an ambulance, Blake said.

"She was so brave to run over there and stand there and wait for the little boy to drop," she said. "She was just at the right place at the right time."

Blake said she still can't believe how long the little boy clung to the roof before falling.

Shortly after emergency service providers arrived, the father drove up and went in the ambulance with the boy to the hospital, Blake said.

"If my baby was in the same predicament, I would hope somebody else would do the same thing," Beach said.

Looking back at the building, she keeps going over the events in her mind, saying that much of it is still a blur.

"And just think, I did it all in my flip-flops," she said. (AP)


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