Bizarre: 'Dead' baby found alive in morgue

Woman gives birth in public washroom


A premature baby who had been declared dead was found alive 12 hours later in the morgue, a health official in northeastern Argentina said.

The parents of the baby, who was in serious condition, were going to name her Luciana Abigail but have changed their minds and are calling her Luz Milagros instead, her middle name being the Spanish word for "miracles."

The newborn was determined to be alive after her mother insisted on seeing the body of her daughter at the Hospital Perrando, in the city of Resistencia, Rafael Sabatinelli, the health undersecretary of Chaco province, told the local press Tuesday.

"At night I went with my husband to where the little box was. A man pried it open. I suddenly heard a whimper. She was all covered up and full of something that looked like frost," Analia Bouter, the baby's mother, told the local press.

Sabatinelli said an investigation has been opened to determine who was responsible for mistakenly pronouncing the baby dead.

Five people, including doctors and nurses, have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, he said.

"The baby is gravely ill, in critical condition," the official said, explaining that the infant was born prematurely at six months gestation and weighs only 800 grams (1.76 pounds), he said on television.

Newborn flushed down toilet

A newborn baby was accidently flushed down a toilet after the mother gave birth on a public bathroom.
Cai Qulin went into labour earlier than expected and delivered while using the puclic restroom. Her husband called emergency and cops. "Rescuers they could hear the baby cry...they broke the nearyby pits by hand picked the baby girl without endangering her," reported China Daily.

She was rushed to hospital and is recovering.

Woman robber with 207 convictions gets just 2-yr term

A 34-year-old woman, a serial offender, who amassed 207 convictions has at last been jailed. But she laughed her way to prison as she has been handed over just a two-and-a-half term.

The drug addict has walked away from numerous crimes with impunity.

In her latest attempt she attempetd burglary at a 72-year-old grandmom's home in Newcastle, England.

She sneaked into the old woman's house and said she's unwell. On compassionate grounds, the elderly woman began preparing coffee for her, when she pounced on her and grabbed her purse and fled.

In the last two decades she accumulated 108 convictions for theft; 42 offences against police officers; 26 offences of fraud and dishonesty; five public order offences; four offences on property; three offences against the person; two drug offences and 17 miscellaneous non-recordable offences, reported 'Daily Mail'.

She has been a drug addict for the last 12 years and was earlier  handed a year-long supervision order and told to attend an abuse programme.

Despite already being on a persistent offenders scheme, she was sentenced to a two-year community rehabilitation order and ordered to obey a curfew, added the report.

4-yr-old roams street with stab wounds

A four-year-old boy was found roaming the streets in Nottingham, England, with multiple stab woounds.

Horrified neighbours alerted cops who rushed him to hospital. The child's father had left with with a neighbour as he went out on an errand only to discover the little one was brutually stabbed, reported 'Daily Mail'.

The 51-year-old neighbour who allegedly agreed to look after the child has been arrested. The motive for the crime is not disclosed.

Meanwhile, the boy's parents it is alleged live separately. However, neighbours, said the kid's father was a friendly man.

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