Bizarre: Sleeping hubby 'killed with boiling water'

CALIFORNIA: A judge has ordered trial for a California woman charged with pouring boiling water on her sleeping ex-husband in a jealous rage over another woman.

Prosecutors say 39-year-old Jesusa Tatad peeled back the sheets covering 36-year-old Ronnie Tatad and tossed a pot of boiling water on him. She then clubbed him with a baseball bat as he screamed in pain.

Although divorced, the couple shared a small Daly City apartment.

Ronnie Tatad died two weeks later.

Prosecutors say the defendant believed her ex-husband was seeing another woman.

A San Mateo County judge ruled at the end of Thursday's preliminary hearing that there was enough evidence to order trial.

She is charged with murder and torture for the November attack.

She is in jail without bail pending arraignment on July 31. (AP)

 Tortured man kills mother-in-law, self

INDIA: A man who was forcibly kept away from his wife and daughter took the extreme step and killed his mother-in-law before hanging himself to death.

The man left a a five-page suicide note and a 16 page-long note on reasons that prompted him to murder his mother-in-law, reports The Times of India. He called his wife 'dull' and not able to fulfill the duties of a wife and mother. he laid all the blame at his mother-in-law's door.

He used to live and work in Delhi till 2010. He even quit his job and went down to his mother-in-law's place in Ranchi so that he would be allowed to stay with his family but his mother-in-law did not allow him to even meet them.

He was only occasionally allowed to meet his daughter, he claimed in his detailed note. He would repeatedly request and beg his mother-in-law to allow his wife and daughter to live with him in his house but he was never allowed to do so.

His last wish was that his body be handed over to his wife and the last rituals be performed by his daughter.


Boy, 9, shot dead during celebratory firing

INDIA: A political party worker who used firearms to celebrate the oath-taking of their leader in the Indian city of Bareilly were in shock when the firing ended up killing a nine-year-old boy.

Celebratory firing has led to many deaths before and has been banned by the coutry's top-most court. However, the menace continues to take lives, reports Indian television channel NDTV.

The death has been termed accidental and the accused has been arrested. Investigation is on to find out how the accused managed to sneak in firearms in a venue which waa graced by top residents of the city and had high security.


Needles found in food on four Delta flights

US: Delta Air Lines said on Monday that"sewing-type" needles were found in sandwiches served on flights from Amsterdam to three US cities over the weekend and that investigators were trying to determine how they got into the meals.

The airline said the needles were found by passengers in four sandwiches on flights from the Dutch capital bound for Atlanta, Minneapolis and Seattle. Kristin Baur, a Delta spokeswoman, said local and federal authorities were investigating the incidents aboard four flights.

She said the airline had taken immediate action with the caterer "to ensure the safety and quality of the food" served on its aircraft.

Christina Ulosevich, a spokeswoman for Gategroup, the Swiss-based company whose Gate Gourmet unit supplies Delta with onboard meals, said the caterer was cooperating fully with investigators.

But she declined to comment further, saying "details of this matter must remain confidential." (Reuters)


Shocking near-disaster videos that will make your jaw drop

 Spectacular footage of an airplane's emergency landing.


Another one that will make your jaw drop.

 That was just an exceptionally close call, right?  The man left standing there has to truly be the one of the luckiest people in the world. Period.




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