Bizarre: Wife hit after catching hubby with lover

KUWAIT: A woman in Kuwait who caught her husband with his lover has filed a complaint at a police stationg against him.

The woman has accused her husband of cheating with a Moroccan girlfriend, reports Al-Rai.

The woman found out that her husband had been keeping his girlfriend at a rented villa. She barged into the villa while shouting and asking her husband to show up.

The husband came out of the villa in anger and attacked his wife. He also snatched her cellphone and gave it to his girlfriend. 

Pregnant woman allergic to iPads

BRITAIN: A pregnant woman is worried about her unborn baby as she is allergic to modern technology.

Electromagnetic waves make the 34-year-old Hannah ill. She bought an iPad and used it only for a few minutes before suffering severe cramps, reports

She suffers from electro-sensitivity and has to avoid wi-fi, mobile phones and even fluorescent lights.

The woman believes that her previous miscarriage was triggered by the fluorescent lights at her workplace.

She had to quit work and set up home in the countryside with her boyfriend who is a farmer.

Her sensitivity could have been caused by the use of sunbeds when she was suffering from a skin disease called psoriasis as a teenager. Going out for a cup of coffee is also a luxury that this woman can't afford as all cafes have wi-fi connectivity.
Man breaks into hotel room, orders room service

US: In a bizarre break-in, a man who was suffering from terrible hunger pangs in the middle of the night thought of a novel idea to fill his tummy.

Vinod Adhikary broke into a room at an inn so that he could order room service, reports Huffington Post.

The hotel employees called the police when the man placed an order from a room that wasn't booked for the night, according to

There have recently been a spate of break-ins for weird reasons. A cop broke into his empty neighbour's house to use the washing machine. An ex-boyfriend broke into his former girlfriend's home at night so he could cuddle her while she was sleeping.
Woman gets electric bill for $1.3m

US: A woman in Texas got the shock of her life to discover that she owes $1.3million to the company that supplies power to her home.

She received a bill from Dallas-based Potentia Energy for $1,381,783.92. The power company passed the buck to the firm that was handling the billings on their behalf, reports Daily Mail.

The bill also stated that the woman was responsible to pay an additional $66,000 if she paid the balance late.

While the electric rate in the area is 8.2-12.1 cents per kw hour, she was charged 100,000 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The lady is usually billed $100 for using power.

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