Bizarre: Wife strips husband, throws him out

A New Mexico woman faces charges that she beat her husband, forced him strip naked, and kicked him out of a motel room.

The Gallup Independent reports that 50-year-old Juanita Ramer was arrested last week for aggravated battery on a household member after police found her nude and injured husband, 57-year-old Andy Tahe, outside a Ranchito Motel room in Gallup.

According to police, Ramer told officers that she had become angry at Tahe early Friday evening when he went out.

When he returned, Tahe said his wife hit him on the head with a bottle, made him take his clothes off, and then chased him out of the room.

Police found Tahe nude and with a bleeding head wound.

It was unclear if Ramer had an attorney.

Teacher spits on boy

A western Iowa mother has complained to school officials that one of her son's fourth-grade teachers told other students they could spit on him.

Alexandria Kindopp told television station KETV that another teacher at Shenandoah Elementary School told her about the incident, which her son, Jaxon, later confirmed.

Jaxon told the station he'd been doing a "raspberry" at a classmate. He says his teacher asked how he'd like it if someone did that to him. Jaxon says she gathered his classmates around him and told him they could "spit away." Jaxon says some of them spit on his head and shoulders.

District Superintendent Jeff Hiser and school principal Tiffany Spiegel say they can't comment on the specific incident, but Hiser later acknowledged that the teacher had been suspended.

Diaper odour gets mom, baby kicked off bus

A woman is complaining to Metro Transit that a driver kicked her off a bus in Seattle because of her baby's stinky diaper.

The woman, Nichole Hakimian, tells KOMO she was taking her son to a clinic because of his diarrhea. She says the driver asked her to get off because the smell was too much for everyone else on the bus.

The woman says she found a place to change the diaper and caught another bus to the clinic.

Metro spokesman Jeff Switzer says it's investigating the complaint. He says Metro's goal is to balance rider comfort and good customer service, and this may be a unique situation.

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