Bizarre: Woman bites roommate's lip

NEW MEXICO: A Las Cruces woman will serve prison time for biting off part of her roommate's lip.

The Las Cruces Sun-News reports 21-year-old Jajaira Alvarado was sentenced in district court Thursday to a three-year jail term, with one year suspended.

Alvarado, who received credit for 10 months already incarcerated, will serve 14 months in all on a charge of aggravated battery.

Police say Alvarado and her 21-year-old roommate got into an argument after the roommate woke her up from a nap September 3, 2011.

Alvarado then bit off a portion of the victim's lip, leaving her with a permanent scar.

Both women had spent the day consuming alcohol.

Prosecutors say Alvarado will also be required to complete community service and pay restitution for the victim's hospital bills. (AP)

Pet swallows toddler's fingertip

US: A toddler in Illinois was in tears when a family pet piranhas bit off her fingertip. The mother of the 18-month-old thought that she might have been hurt by the family's pitbull, but doctors said that the wound had been caused by piranhas.

The piranhas were kept in a fish tank near where the child had been playing, reports Fox News.

After the doctors confirmed what had caused the girl's injury, the father cut up the piranha and they found the missing fingertip from the predatory fish' tummy.

It was not clear if the severed body part had been reattached by the doctors.

Woman sees 99 million more colours

BRITAIN: A woman who suffers from a strange condition can see 99 million more colours than the rest of humanity.

She happens to be the first so-called 'tetrachromat' to be discovered in Britain, reports Metro. Her vision allows her to see 'an unimaginable range and depth of hues, says the daily.

Gabriele Jordan, a neuroscientist at Newcastle University, was quoted by the daily as saying that the condition only affects women - and there may be others.

Vision is based on eye cells known as cones - but tetrachromats have four types instead of three.

"Unfortunately, she cannot describe how her colour vision compares with ours any more than we can tell a colour-blind person what red looks like to us," Gabriele said.

Biker pulls infant in drinks crate

CHINA: A man riding a bike was allegedly pulling a drinks crate with his infant son sitting in it. The incident occurred in China's Shaanxi province, reports

A horrified passerby clicked an image and it has gone viral after the photographer uploaded it onto a social networking site.

The child can be see sitting trustingly in the crate as the man pulls it with a red-coloured rope. It is quite clear that the child is too young to ride pillion. Also evident is the fact that the man was not riding on a side-street but on the main road as a bus and a taxi can be seen plying on the street next to the bike.

'Spy' app lets bosses keep tabs on workers

A Google app will soon allow employers to know where exactly the employees are at any given time.

So, employees who have been hood-winking their employers by claiming to be 'working' while they are out doing something else, are in for a bad time.

For just $15 per employee, per month, Google Maps Coordinate will allow bosses to keep track of their employees' whereabouts when they're not in the office and send them instructions in real-time.

The bad news just gets worse. Thanks to the app, employees will turn into moving pin-points on a Google Map that any app-enabled boss can watch from the office.

The tracking device designed to "organise teams on the move" will certainly put a stop to all those extended coffee and lunch sessions.

However, the good news for employees is that if they switch off their mobile devices, the bosses won't be able to track them. But can the employees take that risk in this recessionary market?



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