Bizarre: Woman in labour for 75 days

POLAND: Triplets' mother spent it all lying upside down to save two babies after she lost one of the triplets at just 22 weeks.

The 31-year-old was given drugs so her pre-mature contractions would ease, reports Daily Mail.  Doctors advised her to lie in the awkward position for about 10 weeks so they could save the other two babies.

The mother-to-be's bed was tilted at a 30 degree angle, with her feet pointing upwards, to reduce the risk of contractions starting again, said the daily. It was probably the longest labour ever recorded as she remained almost upside down position for round the clock during the entire period. She was fed and even bathed while tilted in the same position, a doctor told the daily.

Once the woman gave birth, she was allowed to leave the hospital. But she still has issues with balancing herself after spending so many weeks in a tilted position. However, she is elated to have two healthy babies.

News reporter caught napping on live TV

US: A Fox News reporter left his viewers in a state of shock when he dozed off during a live broadcast.

The presenter of the segment to mark Super Tuesday did not know how to react while he was on-air and found the reporter taking a power nap, reports UK daily Metro.

The anchor did try to wake up his colleague in Washington but gave up after a while, since he was wasting precious moments. He admitted defeat.

Although it was an early morning broadcast, at 5:30am, but no one was expecting this kind of excitement on a day when several twists ans turns and excitement was expected.

Students stoned to death for 'fashion'

IRAQ: Young Iraqi teenagers are being brutally killed in Baghdad with militias distributing lists of targets warning of further assaults, officials and human rights groups say.

At least 15 teenagers, described as "emo"s for their tight-fitting black clothes and alternative hairstyles, have been stoned, beaten to death or shot dead in the past month, medics say.

Human rights groups say the toll is far higher amid accusations of a cover-up by security forces.

Witnesses in the conservative bastion of Sadr City in north Baghdad say a militia group calling itself the "Brigades of Anger" has posted leaflets naming 22 youths to be "punished".

Medical officials said at least 15 had already been killed in the past month, including seven who were stoned to death, five who were shot and one who was beaten to death.

"Police generally take care of all these incidents," said one of the officials, who declined to be named. "They don't like medics or ambulances to take them. Two days ago, the body of a teenager was found in Bayaa - he was evacuated by police."

In Western youth culture, the term "emo" refers only to dress and musical preference and carries no connotation about a person's sexual orientation.

80-year-old grandfather kills grandson during fight

US: A family altercation escalated and transformed into a tragedy in Oklahoma City recently when a grandfather shot his 26-year-old grandson to death.

The grandson had attacked his grandfather with a knife, reports KTLA. Police officials said that the 80-year-old man had received knife injuries in the head.

When the old man was being attacked, he opened fire in defence and the young man dropped dead. The old man ran to the nearest filling station and called the police.

About a year back, the grandfather had filed a protective order against his grandson.

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