Boy steals snake and hides in his trousers

Pic: Bang

A boy stole an 18-inch snake and hid it in his trousers.

A man has been caught on CCTV camera grabbing a baby Colombian red-tail boa constrictor from a store, The Tie-Dyed Iguana, shoving it into his pocket before making off with it.

Although shop owner Matt Smallheer was suspicious he didn't believe anyone would be able to break the "escape-proof cage" and take the reptile.

Speaking to KSDK about the theft, he said: "It was odd because it's in a relatively escape-proof cage, but we checked it and double checked it and sure enough, it was gone."

However, the abducted animal has since been recovered and returned safely.

The store posted on Facebook: "Our snake was recovered (sic)."

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