Bride 9 months pregnant just 26 days after wedding

Delivers baby girl… which groom discovers is not his

An Egyptian bridegroom discovered, much to his dismay, that 26 days after his wedding, his wife was pregnant.

She was at full-term and about to deliver at the time according to a report in Al Fagr Egyptian daily newspaper.

The husband filed a police complaint and according to the Abu Hamad Police Station, the 24-year old groom has accused his wife of adultery.

The husband said in his complaint that while he was at work he received a telephone call from his parents telling him that his wife is sick and suffering from severe colic pain.

He asked his parents to take his 21-year old wife, is identified as NAM, to hospital.

When his parents rushed her to hospital they were shocked to be told she is pregnant and could be due any time.

The case papers show that the doctors admitted the wife to the operation room where she has gave birth to a baby girl.

The man came to the hospital and took tests and found that the baby is not his.

The police investigation revealed that the wife was betrothed to young man from her village of Saft Al-Henna, but their engagement broke up after 11 months.

The police did question the husband about how he could not have known that his bride is not a virgin as well she was in an advanced phase of pregnancy.

No statement on his answer was given.

Addict stabs mother over drug money

Addicted to drugs, a 39-year old Egyptian man killed his mother after she refused to lend him money to purchase brown sugar

According to a report in Al Masrawy newspaper, Tariq Mohammed got into a quarrel with his mother following which he stabbed her 20 times despite her pleas.

He then stole 9,000 Egyptian pounds and fled.

Police began investigation after they were informed by Tariq’s neighbours who saw the mother lying dead in a pool of blood.

Upon searching the apartment they found a number of Tramadol pills and injections with traces of blood which led them to the culprit.

Tariq was arrested at his friend’s residence where he took refuge.

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