Bride waits for singer, groom marries another

A Saudi man's bride called off the wedding just a few hours before the ceremony.

However, his uncle offered to marry his daughter to him, which he readily accepted, and the wedding took place the same night.

According to the story, which has gone viral on social media, his first bride's mother decided to cancel the wedding because she had arranged for a famous singer to perform at the wedding and the singer cancelled the programme because of heavy rains.

The bride's mother refused to allow her daughter to get married without the singer’s performance, and requested the groom’s family to reschedule the wedding date. This was, however, not acceptable to the groom because reportedly he would have had to pay for the wedding hall, food and other expenses all over again.

Thus, to save the groom from further trouble, his uncle offered to marry his daughter to him. According to sources, the cousin was happy to accept him as her husband.

Most people on social media blamed the first bride and her mother for their ridiculous decision, especially after all arrangements were made and the expenses met by the groom.

Many congratulated the husband, saying he was fortunate not to marry the first bride.