Brother, sister live as a couple; girl pregnant

A scandal has taken Moroccans by storm, even as a helpless mother is clueless about how to handle the sexual explicit of her grown-up children.

She claims to have had the misfortune of seeing her daughter and son in indecent positions several times. And now to her utter shock, her daughter is pregnant, and she had no choice but to turn them over to cops.
According to Al Jareema website, the incident came to light when the aged woman from Bashtukat Ayat Baha area filed a complaint against her children – 30-year-old son, TH and 22-year-old daughter, MA, of living as a couple.
She alleged that her children have been in a sexual relationship for the past one year.
Her adult daughter is two months pregnant, she claimed.
The court is hearing the case.




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