Cocaine cake joke in 'bad taste': Carrefour


Carrefour Argentina has scrambled to reassure customers after a delicacy from a cake supplier listed "12 grams of cocaine" as an ingredient.

The French supermarket chain, which has more than 500 stores across Argentina, said it regretted what it called a "joke in bad taste," apparently made by a worker at the supplier.

"We at Carrefour Argentina want to reassure our customers that there was no unusual ingredient in Carrefour brand cake," a company statement said, noting the cakes with the erroneous labels had been pulled from shelves.

Many people joked online that after neighboring Uruguay legalized marijuana, "for Carrefour, cocaine is legal," tweeted a social media user called Lilia.

Drug lord "Pablo Escobar, up in heaven, must be thinking 'why didn't I come up with that?'" joked Gustavo Ramirez on Facebook.

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