Crazy pics from around the world

Meerkats gather around a pumpkin at the zoo in Hannover, Germany. (AP)

Picture of "Let's fall in diamonds" an exhibition by artist Charles Kaisin is on show in Monaco. (AFP)

A woman man chats with a robot on the sidelines of the three-day Future Investment Initiatives conference in Riyadh. (AFP)

A carp is tossed in the air by a fisherman as they are sorted during a traditional fish haul of the Horusicky pond near the town of Veseli nad Luznici, Czech Republic. (AP)

A worker unloads raw bananas from a truck at a wholesale market in Kolkata, India. (Reuters)

Geese walk over a meadow in Veckenstedt, central Germany. (AFP)

Two lion babies named Sarah and Benjamin are pictured at the cirkus Krone in Stuttgart, southern Germany. (AFP)

An Indian tannery worker fills up whole cow skins with a chemical agent to stretch them before the application of a traditional dye method using acacia tree sawdust at a tannery in Jalandhar. (AFP)

The Bloodhound SuperSonic Car, which is attempting to break the 1,000mph barrier in 2019, holds its first public test runs at Newquay airport, Newquay, Britain. (Reuters)