Crazy World: 71-year-old does sex acts in garden

Also: Girl watches lover hang himself

A 71-year-old granny in UK harassed her neighbours for more than a decade by spraying weedkiller on their faces, playing blaring music and even indulging in naked sex acts in her garden, reported 'Daily Mail'.

After almost 12 years the council has placed a closure order, which will evict her from the house for three months and if her behaviour does not improve in that period they may go for extension.

Officials are planning to block her from visiting the house during the period.

She's a nightmare, says her neighbours.

Girl watches lover hang himself

BANGALORE: An engineering student in India who attempted to stage a suicide drama to winover his girlfriend unfortunately lost his life.

According to a 'Times of India' report, the 22-year-old was in a realtionship with a 19-year-old girl for the last three years and was ready to marry after completingtheir education. However in the recent past the girl allegedly was ignoring him. She did take his calls or meet him.

Last week, the couple met and picked up an argument. The boy took a nylon rope and allegedly threatened to kill himself while she ignored him because she said later 'he often said such threats as he was possessive'.

Unfortunately, the plastic cair he was standing on gave way and he hung to death.

Boy who raped 11-year-old gets only 6 months

A teenager who raped a 11-year-old girl in McDonald's washroom has been sentenced.

But the six-month prison termed has irked victim's group as they feel it is too light and called for a life sentence.

The 16-year-old was one among a gang who subjected the girl to 'horrific rapes'  and tried intimidating her to stay silent, reported 'Daily Mail'.

The judge said the victim’s unwillingness to have sex ‘may not have been obvious’ to him and he deserved ‘very great credit’ for pleading guilty.

Meanwhile, victim's group said the 'ittrivalised the rape of a child'. 

Two-year-old saved after drinking kerosene

A two-year-old Kuwaiti boy was rushed to hospital in serious condition after drinking kerosene by accident but doctors managed to save his life.

Feeling thirsty, the boy went into the kitchen at his house in Kuwait City and clutched the kerosene bottle, thinking its water.

"After drinking some of it, he collapsed on the floor and fainted…his family rushed him to the hospital in a serious condition…doctors raced against time to save his life,” Alwatan Arabic language daily said.

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