Crazy World: Dad finds infant in bag inside dryer

Mom told the father she had delivered stillborn while he was at work

VIRGINIA: A new father was horrified to find his newborn daughter in a plastic bag inside the dryer.

His wife, 39, who was expecting a baby one day called her husband and told him that she had just delivered a stillborn at home and the emergency services had taken the baby's body away with them.

The husband arrived back home in a state of shock to provide comfort to his wife who had just undergone an ordeal.

He started cleaning up the mess in the apartment that was left after their baby was delivered at home.

When he went to dump some stuff inside the dryer, he found a plastic bag. Upon opening it, he found his newborn girl who was still alive.

He quickly took the little bundle to a nearby hospital where she was declared fine and stable.

The mother was arrested and charged with attempted murder and felony child neglect.

The father has also got the custody of the couple's 8-year-old son.

Mom hits sleeping son 30 times with baseball bat

US: A South Florida woman is being held in jail after police say she struck her teenage son about 30 times with a baseball bat.
A judge on Monday set a $50,000 bond for 50-year-old Sheronda Hall Reselva. She's accused of hitting her 17-year-old son with the bat while he was sleeping Sunday morning.
According to Lauderhill police, Reselva left the teen's bedroom after hitting him, returned with a knife and told him she was going to kill him.
The South Florida SunSentinel reports the teen told police he grabbed his mother's arm and ran from the house. A neighbour in the Fort Lauderdale suburb says the teen ran toward him and asked him to call 911.
Reselva is charged with aggravated child abuse. (AP)

Boy, 4, witnesses mom's murder

INDIA: While a 4-year-old boy was enroute to school with his mother in a rickshaw in Delhi's Rohini area, suddenly some assailants arrived on a bike and shot his mother in front of him.

One of the assailants had asked the woman to get off the vehicle after intercepting their slow moving conveyance, reports The Times of India.

Even as the woman tried to save herself, they shot at her six times. One of the bullets hit the 27-year-old woman on her head, killing her instantly.

According to two other witnesses, the killer had also taken aim at the little boy but changed his mind after seeing him cry.

Investigations revealed that the woman's husband had married her even before divorcing his first wife. She had been threatened by some relatives of the first wife, which she had taken lightly.

The woman's husband is also being investigated as he had given contrary statements to the police officials.

Police say that the murderer might have had an empty gun by then considering that he had already fired six bullets.

Girl raped while job hunting

INDIA: A 16-year-old girl who was looking for a job was lured to a recruitment agency in Delhi by two men and gang raped repeatedly over two days.

There were four men who took turns to abuse her and they kept her against her wishes in an apartment during those two days, reports Times News Network. They subdued her by forcing alcohol on her.

Two men have been charged for rape, illegal confinement and criminal intimidation, while three others involved in the conspiracy are on the run, claim police officials.

The teenager had arrived two months ago to the Indian capital from the far eastern state of Assam. She was working in Rohini but was looking for better prospects. She came into contact with one of the men who took her around to placement agencies.

On the fateful day, she was accompanied by the man when she approached this particular recruitment agency. The moment she entered into the room, the four men took over and had their way with her. The girl managed to escape after the second day and spent a night at the railyway station before going to police to record her statement.

She is currently staying in a rehabilitation home in Delhi.

Baby signed up by talent spotters while still in the womb

BRITAIN: How far is too far. A talent spotting agency actually signed up a 'talent' while he was still in his mother's womb.

The child's parents Andy, 34, and Shelley, 35, sent a pregnancy scan to Scream Management Agency, reports Daily Mirror.

Now, 11-month-old, the baby boy is appearing in ITV’s Mrs Biggs as the child of train robber Ronnie.

The baby's sister was already on the casting agency's list when a copy of his scan report was sent across. The agency personnel realised that the boy would resemble the girl closely and hence decided to take him on board before he was born.

He was pretty much cast for the soap he is currently a part of even before he was born.

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