Crazy World: Dad tosses toddler into the creek...

2-year-old's body was strapped to her car seat

Dad arrested in death of toddler tossed in creek

US: A New Jersey man suspected of killing his 2-year-old daughter by tossing her into a creek while she still strapped into her car seat has been captured in California.

The US Marshal's Office in San Diego confirmed that 27-year-old Arthur Morgan III was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

Morgan was the subject of a nationwide manhunt and had been featured on the website of "America's Most Wanted."

He is charged with the murder of Tierra Morgan-Glover on Nov. 21. Her body was found partially submerged in a creek in a park in Wall Township, NJ.

The girl's mother, Imani Benton, called police after Morgan failed to return her from a court-ordered visit.


Rotten tooth in youghurt... complete with filling

UK: A man was happily tucking into his favourite brand of flavoured yoghurt when he bit into something crunchy. He spit it out only to discover a rotten human yellowed molar tooth, complete with filling.

The 43-year-old was extremely annoyed and he certainly did not need the rotten body part in his stomach, especially since he had just gone through a chaemotherapy session for stomach ailment. In such a situation, any kind of infection can be life threatening.

The man drove down to the Tesco supermarket from where he had bought the yoghurt tub. The supermarket apologised and agreed to refund what he paid for the yoghurt.


Navy officer in 'spanking female sailor' scandal

SYDNEY: A senior Australian naval officer has pleaded not guilty to charges of spanking a junior female sailor, with a court martial on Wednesday hearing it was a test to see how obedient she was.

Lieutenant Commander John Jones is facing nine counts of indecent acts without consent, five of assaulting a subordinate, nine of prejudicial behaviour, and one count of attempting to destroy defence force property.

The charges relate to incidents which allegedly occurred between February 1 and November 10, 2010 while he was serving on a supply ship.

Jones pleaded not guilty to all of the charges apart from the accusation of attempting to destroy defence force property which he admitted.

According to documents tendered to the court, two of the incidents involved the young female sailor allegedly lying across Jones' lap and him smacking her bare buttocks.

The prosecution claims the woman never gave consent and the incidents amount to criminal behaviour.

Prosecutor Flight Lieutenant Steven Whybrow told the court martial that Jones admitted to some of the behaviour he is accused of but does not concede it was non-consensual or that it amounted to an indecent act.

In his opening address, Whybrow said Jones had taken the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, "under his wing", Australian Associated Press reported.

"That turned sinister around February 2010," he told the court, in reference to the date of the start of the alleged offences.

The court martial was to hear a secret recording the sailor made in November 2010, in which Whybrow said Jones told the woman he was trying to instruct her in discipline.

"It was more of a test to see how disciplined and compliant you were going to be," he said on the tape, AAP reported.

The trial continues.

Australia's military has gained an unwanted reputation for having a drinking and sexist culture, underscored in a recent 400-page report about incidents on the supply ship HMAS Success in 2009.


Road rage: Stabbed for shouting at rash driver

DELHI: A man walking along the roadside was attacked by a group of men for shouting out at a driver who drove rashly, reports Indian news channel NDTV (

The victim of road rage received injuries on his head, chest, waist and other areas of his body, according to the police.

After the man shouted out at the vehicle owner for rash-driving, the driver reversed the car, stopped alongside the pedestrian who had complained and started hitting him all over.

A few minutes later, another car pulled up alongside and a few men disembarked and started hitting him. The victim was even stabbed a few times by the attackers.

Sick over weekend? You could die!

UK: According to a survey, patients taken to hospital over the weekend for emergency treatment have a higher chance of dying, according to statistics.

Dr Foster research firm looked at the responses of 8,864 patients on the NHS Choices website, reports Daily Mail ( The poll found that 26 per cent of them would not recommend their local hospital to a friend.

The report also found that patients who are admitted to A&E during the evenings or weekends are 10 per cent more likely to die. There are highers chances of serious patients being handled by junior doctors as senior specialists rarely work outside their regular hours in the UK.

According to the report, in 30 per cent of hospitals no senior staff were available throughout the weekend.


Teen web creep won't be locked up

AUSTRALIA: A man who sexually groomed teenage girls was caught red-handed by two officers posing as teenagers. The online predator has been awarded a two-year suspended jail term, reports Herald Sun (

The man has been convicted for a "very serious crime''. The judge, in his verdict, said the man had broken laws for protecting children who are vulnerable to all kinds of crime online. Anyone who procures persons under 16 for sexual activity is a criminal.

However, the judge said that the offender's two-year sentence could be wholly suspended for two years provided there were no similar offences by him. 


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