Crazy World: Father films teen daughters in bath

Man could not explain why he had installed cameras in the bathroom

AUSTRALIA: In a horrific case, it has been found that a father had set up secret cameras in the family bathroom and filmed his teenage daughters in the shower.

The 50-year-old man had about 2,000 porn files in his computer, which were discovered when the police raided his home in June last year, reveals Adelaide Now.

The man was going through marital issues and he had tried to get rid of his addiction twice by throwing his hard drive away but he was not able to beat it.

The father of the unsuspecting daughters could not explain why he had installed the cameras or downloaded the shower images.

The man is on trial and is likely to be sentenced next week.



Man rapes son's to-be wife, 12

INDIA: A father arranged his 15-year-old son's marriage with a 12-year-old girl. However, the 42-year-old man, in a disgusting act, abducted his prospective daughter-in-law and raper her, reports Mid Day.

The girl's and the boy's familes had met earlier in Ulhasnagar near Mumbai and decided that the duo would get married five years later since the legal age of marriage in India is 18 for girls and 21 for boys.

However, the boy's father had malintentions and one day he decided to follow the girl while she was on her way to school. He met her on the pretext that he would take her to meet his son. He took her to a guest house and raped her there.

The man had pre-planned the rape as he forced the girl to wear an abaya before she entered the guesthouse so that her school uniform would not attract any attention.

The man raped the pre-teenager and threatened her not to reveal anything about the incident.

However, the victim's younger sister complained to the mother that the elder sister had not made it to school. when the mother asked the daughter, she revealed everything to her mother, who registered a complaint against the prospective father-in-law.


Woman, 39 rapes man inside his house

AUSTRALIA: A 39-year-old woman allegedly broke into a man's house and raped him.

The incident took place in September 2011. The rosecutor told the court that the woman entered the house without permission and with the intention of comitting rape, reports Adelaide Now.

The prosecutor also alleged that the woman raped the man orally.


Tutor rapes student, makes video to blackmail her

INDIA: A man who is an engineer by profession and runs a training institute in Ghaziabad, near New Delhi, raped a minor student and filmed the incident to blackmail her.

The victim complained to the police that the rapist was blackmailing her and wanted her to steal jewellery and other valuables from her family and friends.

The rapist denied the allegations and told the police that the girl had consented to their relationship and she had handed over jewellery to him for 'safekeeping', reveals The Times of India.

The victima ls revealed that the man gave her a sedative and raped her. However, the man refuted her claims and said that she would arrive 15 minutes early for the class so that they could continue their physical relationship.

When the girl could not tolerate it any more, she revealed everything to her parents.


Wheelchair-bound boy, 3, patted down and swabbed at airport for bomb residue

US: A three-year-old boy who was wheelchair bound was taken aside by a security official at a US airport and patted down and swabbed before he was allowed to go.

The YouTube video of the incident has gone viral.

Uploaded on March 17, by mattonair, the 3-minute clip shows the three-year-old boy being taken aside by the TSA and being patted down and swabbed.

The boy was on his way to Disney World with his siblings, parents and grandparents when he was stopped by airport security official, reports KTLA

The kid was on a wheelchair due to a fractured leg. The boy looks a little frightened when the official starts taking swabs of his cast and wheelchair for bomb residue.The boy’s father can be heard reassuring the child in the video clip.

The incident took place in 2010 and the TSA eased its rules in 2011 regarding screening procedures of children under 12.


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