Crazy World: Indian mum sells kid for Dh4 only

INDIA: A poverty stricken mother sold her four-month old baby for a paltry sum of Rs 64 (about Dh4) to a couple from Nepal.

Belonging to an extremely poor section of the society in the Indian state of Bihar, the woman who was in her 30s was struggling for survival, police officials revealed to Indian television channel NDTV.

The woman also has other children. She apparently moved from the place where she was staying with her children. Before moving away she told her neighbours that she gave the child away for his own good. But her daughter told them that she had sold her baby for Rs62.

However, the woman maintained that she did not gain anything from the transaction but in fact had 'donated' her baby.


Man sees wife die in horrific head-on collision

AUSTRALIA: In a horrific accident, a husband who was driving in the car behind his wife saw his wife dying in a head-on car collision.

The 60-year-old woman was travelling alone in her car on a straight stretch of road in Asutralia's Western Victoria, reports Herald Sun.

The occupant of the other car, a 35-year-old woman also died in the accident. She was driving with her 3-year-old child in the car. Fortunately, the little girl was not injured in the accident.

The husband of the woman in the car behind was being trated for trauma as he witnesses the entire incident.

Police believe the younger woman's car had crossed to the wrong side of the road and collided with the elderly driver's vehicle.

Investigators are trying to figure out how the crash occurred on a straight stretch of road, albeit in rainy conditions.


Woman hires goons to beat up husband

INDIA: Suspecting her husband to be having an extra marital affair, a 45-year-old woman paid some men to rough up her husband. The goons followed her diktat and broke the man's arms and legs.

Police arrested the two goons who were in their twenties in conncection with a robbery in Mumbai's CGS Colony, Antop Hill. During interrogation, the duo revealed that they had been paid off by the woman to beat up her husband, reports Mid-Day.

The woman had asked the men to fracture her husband's arms and legs so that he would be confined at home and not be able to go out and meet his girlfriend or neglect his family.


Image of Lamborghini police car goes viral online

SINGAPORE: An online user uploaded a image of a Lamborghini after 'photoshopping' to inlcude signatures of a police car. The user added the word 'Police and added flashing lights and uploaded the image on

The image went viral as netizens found it extremely amusing and a heated debate was trending on the net about where the police force should use Lamborghinis for patrolling in Singapore, reports Asia One

While some said that they wouldn't suit Singapore's road infrastructure, others pointed out that in Italy, the Lamborghini police cars were donated by the supercar maker, but if Singapore were to acquire the cars, taxpayers' money would have to be used.

"The Italian Carabinieri have a few lambo police cars as they were donated by Lamborghini. In Singapore's case, whose money do you propose to use in order to buy a Lamborghini? Taxpayers?" queried Alamakman.


Parents lock girl in chicken coop, force her to wear shock collar

US: A Georgia girl told investigators she spent days at a time locked inside a small outhouse and a chicken coop, and had to wear a shock collar because she didn't do her school work, authorities said Thursday.

The 15-year-old girl's parents, Samuel and Diana Franklin, were arrested earlier this week on multiple counts of child cruelty and false imprisonment. They were released on bond, and declined to comment as they left the courthouse Thursday for what appeared to be a custody hearing.

"I've never seen anything like this personally," said Special Agent Wayne Smith of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. "If the allegations prove to be true, it's a very severe case."

The girl was adopted around 2007 and home-schooled in a house outside the small town of Butler, about 85 miles south of Atlanta, according to Smith. The Franklins live on a rural stretch of road sprinkled with a few homes and cow pastures.

The house is surrounded by a split-rail fence with prominent "no trespassing" signs at the entrance of the driveway.

The girl told investigators she spent up to six days at a time in the small buildings in the back of the property as punishment for such things as failing to complete her school assignments, Smith said. She said she had been put in the buildings for at least the past two years.

The outhouse was about 4 feet in length and width, and just a few feet high, Smith said.

"It was just big enough to sit in," Smith said.

The red chicken coop was much larger than the outhouse and chickens were being kept there Thursday.

The girl "might come out during the day a little bit, come in and shower," Smith said.

A neighbor refused to speak with an Associated Press reporter and told him to leave the property.

The investigation began May 25, when child welfare agents, acting on a tip, visited the home with the sheriff's department. That same day, Juvenile Court Judge Wayne Jernigan Sr. ordered the teen removed from the home.

Smith said he believed the Franklins were in court Thursday for a custody hearing. He was not aware of the outcome, and court officials refused to answer questions about the hearing.

On Tuesday, when the parents were taken into custody, investigators found a dog collar on a table in the home, Smith said. The girl told investigators its shock function was operated by a radio signal with a device similar to those used to lock and unlock cars remotely. It was being examined at a crime lab.

The girl lived at the home with another sibling, while two other siblings are older and lived away from home. The charges involve only the 15-year-old girl, Smith said, and there are no allegations of abuse involving the other three children.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Family and Children's Services said state law prevented her from answering questions about the case.

After the girl was removed from the house, Smith said she began to open up to investigators.

"Kind of what has happened is within a few hours of being taken out of that environment, a lot of this began to flow very freely," Smith said. "You almost have to remove the person from the threat of punishment before they begin to open up to you. That's normal, and that's what has happened here." (AP)



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