Crazy World: Man wears 70 clothes to escape fee

Resembles awkward sumo wrestler

CHINA: Flying doesn't come cheap. Passengers have to pay dearly for fuel surcharge, airport tax, travel insurance, seating fees among other charges.

When passengers are made to pay for extra baggage, it is more burden for them to shoulder, reports Asia One.

A passenger who was travelling from China to Kenya decided to take matters into his own hands and wore almost a ton of clothing to save on extra baggage charges.

The incident came to light when the man looking more like an awkward sumo wrestler went through the metal detectors and the alarms went off. When he was pulled aside for a body search, the airport officials realised the truth. He was wearing over 70 pieces of clothes to save some money.

He had actually pulled on over 60 shirts and nine jeans as his luggage weight had far exceeded and wore all of them at once.

However, the metal detector alarms went off because he made the mistake of stuffing his pockets with batteries, thumb drives and device chargers. He could have gotten away with his brainwave only if he hadn't made this error.

The website reported: "After he undressed and emptied all his pockets—which were also packed with neckties and toys—all that was left standing there was a skinny man with a red face and a bruised ego."

It is not known if the passenger was finally allowed to board the flight or not.
Father-daughter 'hold' world’s first ‘telepathic’ conversation
UK: Professor Christopher James, a scientist from the UK developed a system that turned science fiction into reality. The professor and his young and enthusiastic daughter showed how Communicating thoughts was possible from one brain to another through a machine, without any known means of interaction.

The professor calles it 'telepathis' conversation. His process of telepathic communication is rough, its results shaky, but the principle of brain-to-brain (B2B) communication is unquestionably met, reports

He uses mental information, achieved with electrodes placed against the skull. “I only used scalp electrodes on my daughter, since my wife wouldn’t let me drill holes in my daughter’s head,” James told the Times of India.

The professor during a recent visit to India narrated how during an experiment, "a car was steered by thought and a cursor controlled on a computer screen to show that we may be closer to brain-to-brain communication than most of us realise", said the Indian daily.
Fire chief sacked for wedding stunt

CHINA: A fire chief in China used/misused his official power at his own wedding to impress his bride and his guests. Result? He got fired for commandeering three firetrucks and half his force to drive him and his bride to their wedding.

The wedding guests were extremely excited when they got to go for rides around the reception hotel car park with the firetrucks' lights and sirens blazing, reports UK's Orange website.

Images of the wedding parade were uploaded on the internet which led to the community's outrage as residents of the town thought their fire safety had been put at risk by engaging the public-owned vehicles for trivial use.

A fire service spokesman said: "Squadron Commander Shi used this equipment without permission and his been dismissed."

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