Crazy World: Mom kept daughter in messy closet

Also: Fed-up with kids, mom throws them from 15th floor

A woman in Kansas City is charged with child abuse and assault after her 10-year-old daughter was found locked in a closet.

According to a report in 'Daily Mail', officers found the girl locked inside a closet surrounded by her own waste. The girl told them that she does not get enough to eat and that her mom punches her on her back real hard.

The malnutrioned child is just a third of the weight that she should have been. Neighbours didnt know the chld even existed. The mother apparently told them she had only two kids with her and the third one stayed with her aunt.

the girl told officials that her mom never took her out because she messes herself.

The woman is arrested and her two other kids are placed in protective custody as well.

Fed-up with kids, mom throws them from 15th floor

A Russian mother allegedly killed her two minor sons because she was "fed up" with them.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, 30-year-old Galina Ryabkova allegedly threw her sons aged 4 and 7 from the balcony of their 15th floor apartment in Moscow.

One of the neighbours saw the children being hurled and raised an alarm. But their efforts to revive the kids proved futile.

CCTV images show an emotionless mother sitting on the balcony after throwing the kids. Neighbours kept watch on her lest she escaped.

Reports claim she would be sent to a psychiatric hospital for tests even as investigations continue.

Man throws wife out of moving car on highway

A man threw his wife from a moving car on a highway in Seattle.

Accoriding to a NDTV report, troopers found the woman and rushed to a hospital. Her condition is unknown.

He was chased and taken into custody. However, broke the patrol car window and attcaked the offcials.

Robber soils pants after being caught 

A Malaysian man who snatched a bag comprising RM18,000 (S$7,220) from a passerby was unlucky as he could not get far away.

The victim raised an alarm and the suspect was caught after a brief chase.

According to 'AsiaOne' reports, when cops were leading him away they smelled something foul. Apparently afraid he would be jailed, the suspect lost control of his bowels.

Teen dies after first kiss

A teenager in Briton died immediately after her fisrt kiss. Doctors blame her death on 'sudden death syndrome'.

Jemma, 18, spent the evening with her boyfriend. They returned home, sat on a sofa and kissed each other. Immediately her eyes rolled back and she lost consciousness and died.

Efforts to revive her failed. her parents claim she was ahealthy girl who sailed long distances and played hockey.

Sudden death syndrome in Britain each year claims the lives of some 500 people., reports newsweird

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