Crazy World: Mom's lover ravages 2-yr old

Also: Teen gang-raped for 4 days

The man who inflicted two-year-old boy to 91 seperate injuries, which led to his death was given life sentence by a Manchester Court.

According to a Daily Mail report, 23-year-old Rigby is found guilty of murdering his girlfriend's son.

The accused beat the boy so ruthlessly that the child suffered a ruptured liver, because he was forced to babysit the toddler while he wanted to smoke cannabis at his sister's home. he was also upset that the toddlers mother failed to get him money.

The child's mother is also found guilty of "allowing or causing the death of a child".

He, however, tried defending himslef saying the injuries were caused by their pet dog and by the toddler falling off a chair.

Teen gang-raped for 4 days

A gang of four men kidnapped and mercilessly raped a teenager and dumped her body in front of a hospital in Egypt before fleeing.

According to a report in Al Jarima website, the 16-year-old was kidnapped when she was returning from school in Manial Shiha, when the men allegedly threatened her and kidnapped her at knifepoint.
They drove her to a house where they held the girl captive and allegedly took turns in raping her for four days.
When she succumbed to their torture, the unemployed youths dumped her body in front of Al Salam Hospital and hid in a house in Al Salm area.
Discovery of the body led police to the culprits.
They have been referred to Public Prosecution.
Son shoots dad after being slapped
An engineer in Masr Al Qadima area of Cairo shot his father to death in anger for being slapped by the elderly man.
According to Sada Al Balad newspaper, the 29-year-old Mustafa SH was upset that his 61-year-old father had slapped him over some minor difference of opinion, causing a cut to his lips. He took out a pistol and fired five shots killing his dad on the spot.
However, he immediately proceeded to the police station and confessed to the crime.
His shocked mother also confirmed the incident to investigating officials.

Stepmom’s lover brutally stabs 2 girls to death

Two Egyptian girls aged seven and five, were killed by their stepmother’s boyfriend after they caught the pair in the bedroom, reported Al Wafd newspaper.

The 32-year old boyfriend and the stepmom were involved in an illicit relationship.

The boyfriend, Mahmoud H, has been accused of manslaughter for killing the two siblings in their father’s apartment in Oseem of Giza before Eid Al Adha. The 23-year-old stepmother, Faiza AA, has also been put placed in police custody for 15 days. Meanwhile, investigation is on in the twin murder case.

Police probe revealed that the gruesome crime was committed while the father was sleeping in his room in the same apartment.

The man had been living with the family in the same apartment as a tenant ever since he arrived from Upper Egypt.

The lover told the police that he used to “watch Faiza always” and he fell in love with her. However, it was one-sided love, he maintained. The stepmom had, in fact, spurned his offer of a relationship.

Despite being rejected, he continued to try and woo her by buying sweets and toys for her stepchildren.

One night, he caught the housewife but she got away and complained to her husband who beat him up and threw him out of their home.

Mahmoud could not get Faiza out of his mind and he started stalking her whenever she would get out of home.

The accused disclosed he was surprised when she responded to his overture and gave him her phone number.

He told the police that ever since then he would talk to her every day and also when her husband was at home or fast asleep.

He added the day before the murder he met Faiza and asked her to let him meet her at the apartment as he wanted to talk to her about something important. Faiza agreed to meet him when her husband was away at work.

On the day of the incident, Mahmoud went to the house but Faiza refused to let him in as her husband had not left for work and was resting.

He added that he did not believe her and forced his way inside the house. Faiza hid him in the grandmother’s room on the ground floor.

He added that shortly after they went inside the room, the duo found the 5-year old girl entered the room.

He reacted by suffocating the child. However, the child continued to scream and he got a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the girl with the help of the stepmother.

During the scuffle with the girl, the 7-year old child also woke up after hearing her scream and Mahmoud stabbed her as well to stop her from making any noise.

He carried the bodies of the girls and left them near the main door.






Mum tells kids to pray, then stabs them 100 times as they begged for lives


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