Crazy World: Mom takes nude pics of daughter for boyfriend

While another teenage mother burns her infant with hair straightening iron

Mom takes nude pics of teen daughhter to send to boyfriend

US: A mother shot nude pictures of her 13-year-old daughter so that the teenager could forward them to her 30-year-old boyfriend in Oregon.

The Utah-based mother has been charged for taking nude pictures of a minor girl and sexual exploitation, according to Daily Mail.

The woman was helping her daughter click those pictures as the youngster was having trouble doing it on her own. Police officials told the daily that the duo had clicked three revealing images and sent them to the boyfriend.

The mother who was caughter helping her daughter in her affair with a much-older man, confirmed that she knew why her daughter had asked her to take those nude pictures.

The detectives are now investigating the boyfriend in Oregon.

Teen mother burns her infant with hair straightening iron

US: In a ghastly act, a 19-year-old mother burned her 15-month-old son's genitals with a hair-straightening iron in Oklahoma.

The woman was charged with causing grave injury to a toddler, reports Daily Mail.

The daily quoted from the affidavit and said: "The toddler had three burns marks which started on the inside of his right thigh, across his testicles and on to the left inner thigh."

The incident occurred when the woman was straightening her hair and just decided to clamp the gadget on her toddler's private parts.

When the child was taken to the hospital for treatment, suspicious doctors informed the police.

The woman played the blame game and tried passing on the responsibility to her boyfriend and other family members before admitting her guilt.

Doctors found other abusive injuries on the child. The child had a 3-month old fracture on right shoulder and new fractures on left shoulder, apart from forearm and wrist fractures.

The child appreared to be in agony, doctors told the daily.


Man killed for having nude picture of cousin's wife on his phone

INDIA: A 21-year-old man was killed by a relative and friends and his body was dumped in a creek near the Indian metropolis Mumbai.

One of the killers was the victim's cousin who found his wife's nude image on the man's mobile phone and realised that his wife was involved in an extra-marital relationship with his cousin, reports

This sent the husband into a rage and he collected his friends, plotted the murder and executed it during the Indian festival of colours earlier this year.

The two cousins also had other issues between them. They were both involved in a family property dispute and there was obviously no love lost between them.

Mumbai police acted on a tip-off and arrested two killers, aged 18 and 21. They admitted their involvement in the killing of their neighbour and friend's cousin. They said that they got their victim on a high and then took him to an isolated spot and bashed him to death.


Panic-struck driver mows down student 

SINGAPORE: A woman car driver hit a girl student and then panicked and did worse damage to her victim, when instead of putting her foot on the break she placed it on the accelerator and the girl was stuck between two cars.

The middle-aged woman was driving inside a school campus, reports AsiaOne. Two students were walking along the road. The girls did not see the car approaching as they were using an umbrella which was blocking the road view. 

The moment the girls realised that the car was extremely close to them, they started screaming. The woman's vehicle hit one of the girls, stopped and then rammed into the girl and pinned her against an SUV that was parked just there.

When the people sitting inside the SUV heard the lods screams, they alighted from the car to check what had happened. On taking stock of the situation in a glance, the SUV driver quickly moved the car a little in front to free the girl.

The injured girl was taken to a nearby hospital in a critical state where the doctors said that she sustained major internal injuries and her organs were damaged.

The horrible incident was caught by an in-car camera. The video was even uploaded on YouTube.


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