Crazy World: Mum aborts baby 2 days before birth

Mother-of-two bought poison online to get rid of yet-to-be-born love-child

BRITAIN: A mother-of-two bought drugs online to abort her baby who was due to be born in another two days.

The 35-year-old woman admitted administering poison with intent to procure a miscarriage, reports Daily Mail.

The married woman hid her pregnancy from her husband as she had an extra-marital affair with a work colleague and the baby was his.

The woman claimed her baby was stillborn and she she buried him after cleaning up the bathroom while her husband was still at work. The next day she went to holiday in France with her family.

However, the woman was caught as she had undergone a scan in a clinic after she had crossed the 24th week, which is the legal limit for termination. She refused to tell the police where she had buried the remains of the male foetus.

The judge sentenced her to eight years of jail as he felt that the woman had killed the baby's only chance at life.
Robbers depart with apologies

Robbers too have hearts. This was proved during a robbery in South Delhi recently when 4 thieves entered a doctor's home and tied and gagged two old women. One of the thief's heart melted when the elder lady called him 'son'.

He pleaded with both the ladies to hand him all the cash available at home as he needed it for his mother's emergency surgery, reports The Times of India.

Both the women requested them to untie their hands so they could hand over the keys to the locker. The younger woman gave the keys and the four robbers took all the money and jewellery from home and apologised even while leaving but did threaten them not to raise an alarm.

The women informed the police once they freed themselves.
Surgical cloth left in woman’s abdomen

INDIA: An Indian woman who gave birth to her baby through cesarian was in a critical condition seven months after the delivery. All thanks to the team of doctors and nurses who were involved in her caesarian in Chennai.

The medical team left behind a piece of surgical cloth inside the 30-year-old woman's abdomen, reports Times News Network.

It was taken out after another surgery was performed on her. She suffered constant pain in the stomach, and would regularly vomit and feel giddy. She could not even feed her own child.

When the patient complained to the doctor, they did not pay any heed to her.

Finally, the family approached another doctor in a different hospital and once a scan was done, they discovered the presence of a foreign material inside her body.

She is critical after the surgery.

A case of criminal negligence has been filed against the team of doctors who left the surgical pad inside her body.
Girl killed by mouthful of Indian curry

BRITAIN:  A girl who was intensively allergic to nuts died when she had a mouthful of chicken curry ordered from a local takeaway.

She had ordered the food from a website while she was at home. It was deliveredd by Spice in India near Greater Manchester. However, in a critical error, the menu did not mention if the dishes had any nuts in them, reports Daily Mail.

Unfortunately for the girl, the chicken curry that she had ordered for was not only coooked in nut oil but also contained almond powder.

The teenager died after having a massive allergic reaction to the nuts contained in the curry.

She was alone at home when she had a mouthful of the chicen tikka korma. That was enough for the reaction to set in. She used her head and called 999 and even left the front door open.

By the time medical help arrived, she was unconscious and gave up the battle for life later that night.

Her death has been officially stated to be an accident as there are no laws in Britain to put warning signs next to dishes that contain nuts.
Wrestler arrested 3 times in 3 days for harassing boyfriend

NEW YORK: Tamara Sytch, a WWE wrestler was arrested three times within 3 days for harassing her boyfriend.

The first day she was arrested and later released on bond for causing trouble at her boyfriend's home. She was warned not to return, reports NY Daily News.

The next day she was again arrested and charged with third-degree strangulation. She had pulled her boyfriend's hair and put put him in a headlock. She was released on a $25,000 bond.

She scored a hat-trick when she went back for the third time in a drunken state and broke into his home through a window. Since she had volated the protective order twice in a row, she was released in the custody of her sister.

It is not clear why she kept going back to assault her boyfriend.

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