Crazy World: Parents put son in washing machine

A set of prankster parents decided to fool around with their child and put him in a washing machine. The YouTube video shows them in a store selling washing machines.

A sign towards the left-hand corner of the video frame says ‘Junior wash $2.95’. The child's parents probably took that literally. However, the prank turned into a major rescue exercise when the washing machine clicked shut automatically once they closed the door.

The couple frantically tried to rescue their child shut inside the washing machine by pulling at the door with all their might.


Prisoner cuts off his own ears

AUSTRALIA: In a bizarre incident last week, a prisoner in an Australian jail, chopped off his ears with a blade. He removed each ear in several bits and pieces, reports Adelaide Now.

The man, who is connected to a motorcycle gang and has a long history of crime was imprisoned for aggravated robbery, attempted aggravated robbery, serious criminal trespass and breaching his parole.

He was lodged in a medium security jail where the inmates are allowed to keep some toiletries with them.

The bits and pieces of the man's ears were transported with the injured prisoner to the nearest medical facility, but given the intensity of the self-inflicted injury, the pieces could not be attached.

It is still not clear why the man took the painful step.


15-year-old girl hangs self after mom shouts at her

INDIA: A teenager who received scolding from her mother for fighting with her younger siblings over an ice cream, hanged herself to death at her residence in the Indian city of Nagpur.

The girl took the extreme step while her parents were out. She sent her 12-year-old sister and her 10-year-old brother outside to play before shutting herself in the bedroom.

When the parents returned and found the siblings waiting outside the door, they entered the house by force.

The parents made the horrific discovery when they broke open the bedroom door only to see her body hanging, reports The Times of India.

The girl did not leave behind a suicide note.


Boy suspended over NBA shave scores tickets

US: A 12-year-old Texas boy who was suspended from school after shaving his head to resemble the face of Spurs forward Matt Bonner scored tickets to a playoff game and props from his favorite NBA player.

Patrick Gonzalez was suspended for a day from Woodlake Hills Middle School because the school district deemed his $75 haircut a distraction. He returned to class Thursday after reluctantly shaving his head.

Gonzalez says Bonner is his favorite player, noting they're both redheads.

Bonner, whose mother is a teacher, says the school could have just moved Gonzalez to the back of the room. Bonner encouraged Gonzalez to "keep supporting us redheads in the NBA."

Gonzalez's story prompted the Spurs to give him and his family tickets to Thursday's playoff game - against the Clippers. (AP)


Ouch! Dog bites politician

US: A woman running for the Michigan Legislature was bitten by a dog while going door to door. The dog's distressed owner has made amends: Ann Doyle can put a campaign sign on his property.

Doyle says she didn't see the dog until it was too late Wednesday. She was campaigning in Saginaw County's Frankenmuth Township when the dog bit her three times. The Saginaw News says the owner heard the commotion and called off the animal.

Doyle says she was bleeding and blacked out but is doing much better. She won't identify the dog's owner but says he agreed to take a campaign sign. Doyle calls it a "sympathy vote." (AP)

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