Crazy World: 'Psycho' impregnates teen slave

CHICAGO: A 19-year-old girl who had gone missing a few years back was held against her wishes by a man and his mother. The girl was kept hostage in a filthy home in Illinois and repeatedly raped, reports NY Daily News.

Steven E. Johnson and his mother Owida Johnson face a host of criminal charges, including aggravated criminal sexual abuse and promoting prostitution.

The man fathered a son with his victim, claims the teenager. Both the girl and her child were forced to live in sub-human conditions including “exposed wiring, insect activity, vermin, animal faeces and spoiled food", reports the daily.

The teen finally manged to escape from the clutches of the mother and the son. She took help from authorities to claim her son back.

The man, who goes by the nickname of 'Psycho', is being held on $2 million bail.
Indian man beheaded on train

INDIA: A 37-year-old man was beheaded on a train as it was entering a station in the Indian state of West Bengal.

The murderers, believed to be a group of seven to eight people, managed to escape even as shocked witnesses stood by mutely, reports NDTV.

Police officials told the media that the man might have been killed over a business dispute. The hunt is on for the attackers.
Pak woman's nose chopped off in revenge attack

LAHORE: A woman's nose was cut off by three people as she was determined to follow a criminal case against them.

The incident occurred in the Pakistani district of Faisalabad about 100kms away from Lahore when Ruqqaya Bibi was on her way back home with her husband, reports Press Trust of India.

The trio attacked the couple and tortured them before cutting off Ruqqaya's nose.

Even though Ruqqaya has given testimony and named the three accused who attacked them, the culprits are yet to be arrested by police authorities in Punjab province.
Man rapes woman during robbery

BRISBANE: An 18-year-old girl who was manning the counter of a grocery shop was raped before the rapist robbed the outlet and fled the scene.

The man walked into the shop and approached the teenager and forced her into a room at the back of the shop and raped her mercilessly around 5:40am, reports Courier Mail.

He was later arrested by the police from a taxi. The man pleaded guilty to charges of rape and robbery.
Drunk survivor dances next to dead bodies at crash site

BRITAIN: A female passenger who survived a fatal crash in Britain performed a dance at the accident site. The Russian woman was pictured dancing and posing next to dead bodies, reports Daily Mail.

The horrifying footage appeared on Russian television and showed the young woman who happened to be a passenger in a Subaru vehicle that actually caused the crash near the Nizhny Novgorod region. Even as emergency service officials were attending to those who had lost their lives in the crash, the woman continued to pose in a sickening way for the Russian television crew.

Four passengers of the Subaru vehicle survived the crash. The vehicle had been travelling at a high speed and rammed into a stationery car, killing its occupants. The driver and passengers in the Subaru were found in a drunken state.

The occupants of the other car who died in the crash include the driver and his wife.

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