Crazy World: Rajiv Gandhi’s widow No. 2?

Woman claimed former Indian prime minister's death certificate

INDIA: In a bizarre incident, a woman claiming to be former Indian prime minister's widow made a request to claim Rajiv Gandhi's death certificate.

An official of Kancheepuram district administration issued the certificate to the fake widow, reports The Times of India.

Rajiv Gandhi's wife is a well known figure not only in India but gloablly. Sonia Gandhi is the Chairperson of the ruling coalition party of India and is always in the news. Therefore, the official who gave away the death certificate to the woman claiming to be Rajiv's widow has been transferred from the record division of the district administration.

The issue has caused discomfiture as the woman claimed to be Rajiv Gandhi's wife and the official was hoodwinked.

Woman sells hugs to buy iPhone 5

CHINA: A Chinese woman decided to find a novel way to make money so that she could buy an iPhone 5. Therefore, one day she stood by the roadside with a placard stating that she would charge 10yuan for a hug, so that she could collect enough money for an iPhone 5.

Her out-of-the-box idea of making money attracted attention of passersby. In no time she had three people hugging her, reports Star Online.

One man who was too shy to hug her, but wanted to help her out, decided to stand next to her and get his picture clicked.

Some people on social networking sites termed her 'materialistic' for selling herself for 'luxurious pleasure'.
Couple unlawfully wedded for 48 years

US: After spending nearly a half-century as husband and wife, Bob and Norma Clark are finally married.

The couple from Redlands, an inland California city halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, celebrated their 48th anniversary in August, and in November they were getting their end-of-life documents in order and sought a copy of their marriage license for Social Security purposes.

The Clarks, who met in college, took their vows at a church south of San Francisco in August 1964, shortly after Bob had served in the Army during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

But when clerks at the Hall of Records in San Mateo County tried to pull the license last month, they came up empty.

"They went back to the year 1956, but no record of our marriage could be found," Bob Clark told the Redlands Daily Facts.

The church where they had married still had a record of the ceremony so they knew they hadn't imagined it, and several of the couple's family members and friends who had been wedding guests were about to come to town for Thanksgiving.

On Nov. 21 they made their marriage legitimate, filing their paperwork and obtaining their license at the San Bernardino County Hall of Records, with the maid of honor and a junior usher from the original wedding serving as witnesses.

Bob Clark brought flowers for Norma, and at the urging of family and friends kissed the bride to seal the deal.

"I got her a nice bouquet, and it was just a hoot," he said. (AP)
Man angered over gray Santa outfit

SWEDEN: Police in Sweden had to intervene after a foreign visitor to a spa and conference center grew angry because a visiting Santa Claus was wearing a gray instead of red costume.

No one was arrested during the incident in Vallsta, some 300 kilometers (180 miles) north of Stockholm, early Tuesday.

But police said in a brief statement that the foreign guest grew agitated over the Santa outfit and argued with the center's staff. They did not say where the foreigner was from. (AP)
Sirens are just a test, not doomsday signal

US: Officials in Denver want people to know this is only a test.

Denver is testing new outdoor warning sirens on Friday, and they're well aware of all the talk about the Mayan calendar and time running out for the world's population.

In announcing the drill, officials said they wanted to make sure that people knew that the wailing sirens didn't mean it was the end of the world.

A chorus of books and movies has sought to link the Mayan calendar to rumors of impending disasters ranging from black holes and solar storms to a change in the Earth's magnetic field.

Scientists say predictions of the apocalypse were a bunch of hogwash. (AP)

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