Crazy World: Son sets mother ablaze for money; Father kills son over food

While a woman is set on fire for resisting rape

Son sets mother ablaze for refusing money

INDIA: A woman suffered 40 per cent burns after her 24-year-old son set her on fire for refusing money.

The man was in an inebriated state when the incident occured. The mother-son duo were in an altercation after the woman refused to give her son money to buy more liquor, reports Press Trust of India.

The son poured kerosene over the 50-year-old woman and set her ablaze. The woman is undergoing treatment in a hospital. The son has been booked for attempt to murder.

Woman set on fire for resisting rape

INDIA: A 22-year-old woman was set on fire for refusing a man's amorous advances.

An unknown man entered her home unannounced and started harrassing her while her son had gone to a nearby shop and she was alone at home.

The woman managed to run out of the house as the man moved threateningly towards her, reports NDTV.

The woman returned to the house hours later thinking the coast was clear. However, she was attacked from behind while she was feeding her son. He poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze.

The woman suffered burn injuries and was admitted to a hospital. She told the police that she was attacked by a man who had tried raping her earlier.

Man shoots son dead over serving food

INDIA: A father killed his 20-year-old son in cold blood after the young man was given a serving of Indian delicacy, mutton, before other members of the family.

According to the police, the father, who was a retired soldier was drunk when the horrific incident took place, reports NDTV.

The father was reportedly furious when his younger son wanted to be served before his elder son. He also threatened to kill the victim in the event that he was served before others.

The father tried to cremate the body of the victim in a hurry without informing the police about the incident. While the father is absconding, the mother of the victim registered a complaint against her husband for killing her son.


Shoplifter swallows bracelet to outwit security guards

POLAND: A 27-year-old woman in Poland went to a jewellery shop with the intention to rob. She checked out a few jewellery pieces and liked a bracelet piece that she decided to take home without paying for it.

When the bracelet went missing, the staff became suspicious and the security guards were asked to to search the woman, reports Daily Mail.

They were sure that she had taken it but they could not find it on her person. There was no other buyer in the shop who could have made the bracelet disappear.

The security officers at the shop were not ready to give up. They drove her to a nearby hospital the shoplifter was forced to undergo an x-ray and sure enough, the x-ray report showed the missing bracelet was sitting tight in her stomach.

The woman now faces five years in jail for shoplifting.


Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post

TOKYO: A boastful Ferrari driver who put film on the Internet of his supercar doing three times the speed limit in Japan was facing possible jail Saturday, after disapproving YouTube viewers called police.

The 50-year-old doctor uploaded a six-minute video showing him driving his Ferrari 458 Italia through Fukuoka, in southern Japan, at 84 kilometres (52 miles) an hour over the limit, police said.

Speed limits tend to be fairly low in Japan, with 40 kilometres an hour not uncommon on urban roads.

The man was only averaging 124 kilometres an hour in a car with an official top speed of more than 325 kph, but local media quoted him telling police: "I wanted people to understand the beauty of a Ferrari. I wanted to feel proud."

Reports said outraged YouTube users called police to report the offence, adding officers calculated the speed by analysing the distance covered by the vehicle.

Officers identified the car and driver from the footage and a police spokesman told AFP the doctor, whose name was withheld, could be jailed for up to six months or fined a maximum 100,000 yen (S$1,520) if convicted.

The film, titled "Ferrari 458 Italia Drive in Japan 2011", could still be seen on YouTube on Saturday, and is shot from behind the driver in the US$220,000 (S$276,000) car.







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