Crazy World: Student strip-searched in class

A teenage girl student was allegedly strip-searched by two teachers in school following complaints from one of her classmates that she had lost Rs150 (Dh10).

The teachers who were produced in court has been granted bail, according to a Times of India report.

The victim - a student of Class 8 from a school in Suri, India, - broke into tears as she returned home on Friday after the incident in school. She alleged that after her classmates accused her of taking the money the two teachers summoned her to teachers' room and searched her all over in the presence of other staff members.

Meanwhile, the headmistress said the girl was exaggerating the matter and only her bag was searched.

Last month another student from the state was strip-searched in the common room after being accused of stealing Rs50. Similarly anoter girl students leggings were yanked off in front of the class because she was improperly dressed. 

Billionaire lived with wife's corpse for months

A billionaire businessman in London carried on with his normal life even as the corpse of his wife decomposed in their home.

Hans Kristian Rausing, 49, was caught only last month when he was stopped by cops for eratic driving. They found he was under the influence of drugs and later serached his home for more substance. That's when they tumbled upon Eva's body in a "fly-filled room under a pile of clothing and garbage bags that had been taped together," reported NDTV.

He had used deodorizing powder to minimize the foul smell.

He has been sentenced to a suspended 10 months prison term after he pleaded guilty of not giving his wife a proper burial.

Ironically the drug-addict couple had contributed millions to anti-drug charities.

Man jumps off moving plane

A man jumped out from an Air Asia flight that was about to take off from Miri to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

The plane was delayed for more than an hour after the man opened the emergency exit of the aircraft that had started taxing and jumped out, reported AsiaOne.

The 24-year-old man is safe and unhurt and was taken to hospital. POlice are investigating the incident. 

Minor raped on way back from school

A Class 7 student was allegedly raped by a youth while she was returning from school in Islamapur area in West Bengal, India.

The minor was caught unawares by the youth. After she regained consciousness, she returned to school and fainted in the headmaster's office, reported Andhrawishesh website.

The girl is hospitalised and investigations on.




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