Crazy World: Surgeon sets his patient on fire

And more on a boy, 6, who was suspended from school for sexually harrassing a little girl

US: In a bizarre case in New York's Lincoln Hospital, a surgeon set his patient on fire in the operation room while a surgery was on. The doctor's electronic scalpel exploded and injured the patient undergoing a surgery, according to media reports.

The New York Post reported that the patient suffered second degree burns on his neck and chest before the fire was put out by the medical team present there. The patient awoke from sedation in searing pain. He was undergoing a tracheotomy on April 19 to have a breathing tube inserted into his body.

However, there was no mention of the fire in the patient's post-surgery review papers and when his relatives were shocked at his burn marks, they were informed by doctors that 'it happens' while they were trying to cover up the dangerous incident. Doctors kept insisting that it was just 'like a sunburn'.

The daily was told by an inside source that when the chief surgeon of the hospital was performing the surgery in the OT, his scalpel brushed too close to the patient's oxygen supply and that might have caused the explosion and the subsequent fire.

Apparently a fire breaking out during a surgery is not entirely uncommon, revealed Daily Mail. About 500 to 600 surgical fires take place in the US annually. Some patients have even burnt to death in the past while others have been seriously injured.


Boy, 6, suspended for harrassing girl

US: A primary school student aged 6 has been suspended for three days after he was found singing the song 'I'm sexy and I know it'. The boy was allegedly found sexually harrassing a schoolgirl during lunch time, ABC reported.

The first grader's parents are furious over the incident in Colorado. They claim that their boy was definitely not sexually harrassing the girl. The mother told Yahoo!7 that she was planning to check with her son if he even understood the meaning of the song that he had sung.


Nine-year old dies imitating a scene

MOROCCO: In an attempt to emulate a scene from a Turkish soap opera, a nine-year-old boy hung himself to death in Morocco.
The child was an ardent fan of the serial 'Kholoud' where he saw a suicide scene following which he hung himself with a rope, Hespress reported.
Sources revealed that the family found the child hanging from the ceiling. They believe that the boy was influenced by his favourite soap and the horrifying incident was an attempt to mimic what he had seen.
The Moroccan police have referred the case to the prosecution and sent the body for autopsy to find the reason behind the child's death.


Teen stabs cousin brother, 4, to death

US: A 14-year-old girl stabbed his cousin brother who was four years old on Saturday night. The child died of multiple stab wounds, reports

The teenager fled the scene after the incident, but was arrested by police officials a little later and charged for murder.

The child was immediately taken to a hospital nearby but succumbed to death.

The kids had assembled at their grandparents' place for the weekend where the incident occurred. The grandparents were upstairs when the stabbing took place.


Dad throws kids into well after failing to buy alcohol

INDIA: A man who failed to extort money from from his wife to buy alcohol killed their six-year-old son.

The main who hails from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu threw both his kids, aged six and four into a nearby well, reports Asia One.

The couple were engaged in a heated argument earlier in the day as the wife refused to hand over her meagre earning to her husband. The wife works as daily labour to run her family as her husband is an alcoholic and does not have a job.

The man picked up both his kids, a girl and a boy, from a nursery and took them away with him. He simply dropped them into a farm well nearby and fled from the scene.

When the wife saw her kids missing, she knew something was wrong and immediately  traced her kids to the well. Tragically, the boy had already drowned and her four-year-old girl was clinging to a pole inside the well.

The villagers responded to the woman's shout for help and got the girl out of the well.

The father is absconding.



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