Crazy World: Teen gives birth to captor's baby

A teenage girl who was kidnapped at the age of 15, two years back, managed to escape her captors - a man and his mother.

The girl from Illinois said she was beaten and repeatedly raped by her captor while in captivity, and that she became pregnant and had a baby, too, reported Daily Mail.

The 17-year-old escaped and headed straight to cops saying her child was still in the house. Officers immediately raided the house and arrested a 24-year-old man and took custody of the baby.

She said each time she attempted to escape her captors forced her back at gunpoint.

A neighbour reported that she had seen the girl but did not suspect that she was hostage.

Reports say a teenage boy aged about 16 was also present in the house.

Couple have sex on beach in daylight

A couple indulged in sex in broad daylight on Brighton beach in front of families.

Several men approached the couple and one even allegedly attempted to join in, according to a Daily Mail report. Some even clicked pictures.

Just yards away from the couple in act were children playing and holidaymakers.

Police made two arrests and issued penalty. 

A cabbie without pants

A girl in Perth hailed a cab and midway discovered the cabbie was pantless and shoeless.

She claimed that she did not inquire as to why he was not wearing his pants and spent her time inside texting friends and letting them know, and she also managed to snap a picture of him, reported

She has since filed a complaint with the cab company.

He has apparently told his company that he was wearing shorts during the shift. 

Granny scares thief with fork

A 73-year-old grandmother stabbed an intruder with a barbecue fork.

When she heard her dog bark one night and heard skittering noises from the backyard of her Houstan home, she looked out of the window and saw a teenager trying to break into her home.

She grabbed a pair of scissors and a big fork and opened the back door real fast and he was there right in front of her. He tried pushing her and then turned away to run when she whacked him in the neck,reported

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