Crazy World: Teen sells mom's gold for a song

Avenging his step mother, a 15-year-old boy stole her jewellery worth Rs 2 lakh and sold it to the neighbours for only Rs700 in India, reported Midday.

The teenager stated that he lost his biological mother five years ago and was brutally tortured by his step-mother who did not give him food for days.

One day, when he saw her opening her locker ad removing her jewels for a festival, he hatched his plan.

After she placed the ornaments back where they belonged, he stole and sold it off with the help of a couple of neighbours who were aware of his situation.

Police said that the atrocities of the stepmother had forced him to get into bad company which allegedly  led to the theft.

The boy is currently in a remand home where he was sent after getting arrested along with two neighbours.

70-year old offender kidnaps teen

Desperate at the age of 70, a sex-offender nabbed a 15-year-old and attempted to tie her up at his apartment in Texas, reported Khou11.

Fortunately , the girl managed to free herself from the clutches of the old man and escaped.

However, the neighbours were stunned  when they were informed about the incident. “What if it wasn’t just a 15-year-old? What if it was a toddler that couldn’t fight?” said Kristy Day, one of the residents of the same locality.

Allegedly, the man had moved into the vicinity only six months ago and the landlord claims to be unaware of the fact that Porterfield had a criminal record as he was a sex-offender.

Porterfield had prior convictions for aggravated sexual assault in 1990 and rape in 1976.

There was a slight glitch in case when the 15-year old informed the cops that she knew Porterfield but did not give details about how they were related.

The accused has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and failure to register as a sex offender.


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