Crazy World: Wife sees hubby's wedding on FB

Also: Boy cooks cat in oven

A wife found her husband of 25 years getting married to another woman through Facebook.

When he confronted him with proof, he denied the claim saying a former girlfriend who had been stalking him was faking it.

Martin Curran, 52, has been living a double life with Andrea Whitside , 31, for more than six months and married in an illegal ceremony last July, Lisa Curran discovered later, according to a 'Daily Mail' report.

Curran an ex-constable has walked free with just 250 hours of community service.

Boy cooks cat in oven

An eight-year-old boy cooked his neighbour's cat in a microwave.

The astonished neighbour rushed in to see the boy putting the feline in the oven. No criminal action can be taken against the boy because he is under 10 years of age, reported 'Daily Mail'.

Investigators are finding out how this could have happened.

Man kills daughter suspecting wife

A man killed his infant daughter suspecting his wife's fidelity. Damodar, from Gaganpahad in Andhra Pradesh, India, had been harassing his wife suspecting her character for quite some time.

Unable to bear his atrocities, she went to stay with her sister. When she returned, he picked up a fight because she had left one of their daughter at home and gone with only two other children. He picked up the 15-month old girl in a fit of rage and banged her head on the floor, reported Times of India

Facebook comments "kill" student

A students from Jalandhar, India, killed herself leaving behind a suicide note claiming Facebook comments as reason.

Raksha Sharma, 20, was found hanging from the fan in her hostel room. She blames two former students of the same college for harassing her and posting comments on FB that distressed her, reports NDTV.

Both the boys, aged 21, have been arrested. They claim they are not guilty. ONe of them says the girl considered him as a brother and that he is ready for investigation. The other guy says he did post comments but she had responded to him and "did not seem agitated".
She was an orphan and was cared for by a local orphanage.

Helper raped school boys

A paedophile molested young boys in a school in Perth's southern suburbs and took pictures of them in change rooms over several years.

Darryl James Osborne was found guilty of sexual attacks against children below 13 years of age.

While he was a parent helper at the school, he touched kids inappropriately and clicked their photos on his mobile, reported

Investigating officials also found two movies oc child exploitation on his computer.

He has been sentenced to 10 years in jail. But some parents of victimised boys are not happy with the verdict.

Paedophile who cannot be jailed

In a bizarre judgement, a paedophile in the UK has walked free from court because the judiciary believes sending him to jal would make him more 'dangerous'.

Police found 500 pictures and 13 porn videos of minor kids from David Swanton's possession. The 59-year-old spoke of abusing teenagers and fantasised his imaginary daughters being raped.

The judge said as he only had powers to sentence Swanton to short period, he would not have sufficient time to be effectively treated., reported

The judge reasoned that if he were to award a 12-month prison term, because Swanton had pleaded guilty it would have to be reduced to eight months, which means he would be released in just four months.

Pregnant woman dragged on road in shocking car-jacking

A heavily pregnant woman was attacked and dragged down the road when a man stole her car as she desperately tried holding on.

The 38-year-old from Birmingham, who stopped to swap shopping bags with her sister, was elbowed by a man who ran across the street and attacked her. He hopped behind the wheel as she clung to the door frame. But he sped away, reported Daily Mail.

In the melee, she was dragged for about 10 yards before falling into a  gutter. She suffered a fractured arm, dislocated shoulder and several other bruises. However, her unborn child is safe.

The thief is still at large.

Man runs van over teenagers

A father-of-two smashed hi van into two tents after he picked up an argument with a group of teenagers.

According to a Daily Mail report, after 25-year-old Benjamin Allerton narrowly missed the teenagers who were camping at Selby, North Yorkshire, he careered into a 16-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl. The boy suffered a fractured collar bone and arm.

The argument arose when he allegedly tried putting an arm over one of the girls.

He shouted and gave the group five seconds before he began ploughing into one of the tents.

He has been jailed for four years.

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