'Woman forced me to molest her'

US: A passenger on a US domestic flight dozed off wearing headphones and awoke to find the hands of the stranger seated next to her inside her blouse and shorts, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
In a criminal complaint, the US attorney for New Jersey charged Bawer Aksal with sexual abuse.
Prosecutors said Askal, a Turkish national with US citizenship, was sitting in the middle seat on United Airlines Flight 306 from Phoenix to Newark, New Jersey, on Monday night when he abused the woman, who was sitting in the window seat.
The woman, whose name is being withheld by prosecutors because of the nature of the charges, told authorities she woke up to find the man had one of his hands inside her shirt touching her breasts and the other in her shorts molesting her, according to the complaint. Aksal, 48, was breathing heavily and repeatedly asked the woman to kiss him, it says.
The woman demanded the man get off her, according to the complaint, slammed down the armrest between them and reported the incident to flight personnel.
A passenger in the aisle seat, noticing the commotion, offered to help the woman, prosecutors said, and accompanied her to the back of the plane to alert the flight crew. The aisle passenger later told authorities that he had seen the woman, who appeared to be asleep and not moving, and saw the man's arm under a jacket the woman had draped across her legs.
Aksal was detained on board and was taken into custody by federal authorities at Newark Liberty International Airport, a spokeswoman for the US attorney's office said. He admitted to law enforcement officers in Newark that he had touched the woman but insisted she had forced his hand into her shorts, prosecutors said.
US Magistrate Judge Mark Falk, who presided over the case Wednesday in Newark federal court, said he wanted to hold a more detailed hearing before setting bail for Aksal.
Aksal, who had close-cropped gray hair and wore a T-shirt and jeans while cuffed at the wrists and ankles, did not speak during his first court appearance. He was assigned a court-appointed attorney.
The sex abuse charge carries a potential sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine upon conviction. (AP)

Grade 10 boys murder classmate

INDIA: A 15-year-old boy was killed by his classmates in the small town of Behrampur in the Indian state of West Bengal.

The student's body was fished out from a waterfall nearby. There were injury marks in his neck area which led police to conclude that it was a case of homicide and not mere accident or drowning.

Six boys were arrested by the police after initial investigations revealed that the classmates had stabbed the victim to death and dumped his body in the water near the fall over old rivalries. All accused are about 15 to 16 years old. They were all studying in a government-run school in Mohana, reports The Times of India

On the day of the incident, the seven boys bunked classes and went for an outing near the waterfall. They all got drunk there and once the spirits were high, the boys entered into an altercation when one of the accused took out a knife and stabbed the victim while others held his arms and legs to stop him from escaping. The six boys then dumped his body nearby to hide their crime.

Policeman returns to duty after gender change

UK: A 53-year-old is all ready to return to active duty in UK's Metropolitan Police after undergoing a controversial two-and-a-half hour gender change surgery. Formerly known as Keith, the official has not changed name to Karen Gale.

Keith worked as police constable from 1981 until 1985 but had to resign under pressure when he had revealed his wish for a gender change to his superiors.

“Back then things were different. My inspector told me there was no way I could stay in the job,” the Daily Mail quoted Gale as saying.

Keith lost his job, wife and daughter when he decided to change his gender. He got married to his first girlfriend when he was barely 21 and has a 27-year-old daughter. However, he hasn't seen his wife or daughter for 22 years. But he has finally managed to contact his daughter on Facebook.

Now, Karen has applied for the position of a special constable and hopes her application will go through successfully.

Man hires cab to commit suicide

INDIA: An Indian expat returned to his home country from the US and hired a taxi to commit suicide as he felt that life had not been very fair to him.

The victim was found dead by the cab driver upon reaching the destination, reports Times News Network.

The 30-year-old software engineer flew all the way from San Diego to die in his hometown. When the cab reached its destination, the victim's brother-in-law's house, the man did not get out of the taxi. After some time when the driver checked, he found his fare unconscious and immediately raised an alarm.

The victim's relatives immediately rushed him to a hospital where he was declared dead.

He left a suicide note claiming that he wanted to die in his own country. Police suspect some marital discord forced him to consume poison.

Woman killed for refusing sex

US: Investigators claim that a Marine's wife was killed after refusing to take part in sadomasochistic sex at a northern San Diego County home.
A judge on Wednesday released court documents, including search warrant affidavits.
In them, investigators say 22-year-old Brittany Killgore apparently didn't know about the sexual lifestyle of Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Perez when she accepted his invitation to a dinner cruise on April 13.
Investigators say they found an apparent "sex dungeon" along with whips, knives and sex toys at the Fallbrook home where Perez allegedly took Killgore. Authorities say she was strangled.
The Camp Pendleton Marine and two women, Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lynn Lopez, have pleaded not guilty to murder.
Killgore had filed for divorce three days earlier from her husband, who was in Afghanistan. (AP)

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