Crazy World: Woman kills herself while chatting live online

31-year-old gave live commentary of her suicide to nine friends

TAIWAN: A 31-year-old woman was running live commentary to about nine friends on Facebook while she was committing suicide live on the internet.

The reason? She was upset because her boyfriend failed to show up on her birthday on March 18, reports Daily Mail.

While the friends who were online with her, were pleading with her no to commit suicide, none of them alerted the police while they could. The woman inhaled poisonous fumes from charcvoal fire to kill herself.

Her final words were in her post on the social networking site to pher friend: 'Too late. My room is filled with fumes. I just posted another picture. Even while I'm dying, I still want FB [Facebook]. Must be FB poison. Haha.'

The woman's boyfriend returned the next day and discovered her body at home.

A sociologist told the daily that the incident reflected social isolation in the internet age.


Dad forces girl to beg for scoring less

INDIA: A father forced his 12-year-old daughter to beg in front of a temple in Mysore while she was in her school uniform.

The seventh grader had performed poorly in her exams which had enraged her father, reports The Times of India. The girl, who was crying on the steps of the temple, was taken by a social worker to the police station, where she revealed the circumstances that led to her presence outside the temple.

The police arrested the father under the Juvenile Justice Act. He admitted that he had punished his daughter but defended his action by saying that he wanted to teach his daughter a lesson about the harshness of life.

His neighbours erupted in anger when they heard of the incident.

The father was bailed out the next day, however, the family is refusing to take their daughter back because they feel she has ruined her father's reputation. The child is living in a juvenile home and is attending school from there.


Facebook abuser targets own girlfriend

BRITAIN: A man created a fake identity on social networking site Facebook and used a foolish act of hers to abuse her mercilessly for six months.

Darrell Bingham, 49, posed as an American football player and sent a firend request to his girlfriend,  which the latter accepted, The Sun revealed. He cajoled her to send him her topless picture, she did and committed the worst mistake of her life.

Then he started blackmailing her and threatened to email her revealing picture to her colleagues if she did not perform sex acts on herself day and night on a webcam, the daily said.

The woman confessed to her boyfriend, without realising that he was responsible for the online torture. He simply patted her on the head and told her to continue and it would solve itself.

The boyfriend went so far as to lie to his girlfriend and tell her that he had murdered her online enemy. He faked the footballer's death and showed his girlfriend a doctored image of the football player. The girlfriend's sigh of relief did not last too long as a someone called 'Chat', supposedly the footballer's friend, started blackmailing her. Chet claimed his friend had sent him her topless image, the paper said.

Finally, the woman broke down in front of her colleagues and told them the entire saga. Her colleagues informed the police and they tracked down the footballer and 'Chat' to none other than her boyfriend Darrell.

The prosecutor told the court that Darrell was a sadist who like watching his girlfriend in pain and dangled her like a puppet on a string.

Bingham was sentenced to seven years of jail for causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent.

The girlfriend is just glad that her nightmare is over. 


Mother has sex with friend's teenage son

BRITAIN: A 30-year-old woman had sex with her friend's 14-year-old son.

The mother of the victim discovered it when she found a bite mark on her son's neck, reports Daily Mail.

The woman apparently forced herself on the boy in the car a day after the mother discovered the horrible truth. This time in a car on a roadside as they were on their way to a grocery store.

When the mohter questioned the boy, he lied to her and said he got it after meeting a girl at a park.

The woman did not believe her son and took him to the police station where the teenager broke down and revealed the truth about the sickening act.

The woman was charged on two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.



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