Dad rapes girl for years... to educate her

Father maintained disgusting relationship for four years

AUSTRALIA: A father of a teenager admitted to an incestuous relationship with his daughter. He defended his disgusting act by saying that he was giving his daughter sex education.

The 44-year-old dad has pleaded guilty on charges of incest and producing child pornography, reports news agency ANI.

The 14-year-old daughter's nightmare began in 2008 when she started going out with a boy one year her senior. The father convinced his daughter that 'he was a knowledgeable source of information regarding sexual activities and was able to teach her such matters'.

“Under the guise of ‘educating’ the victim about sexual awareness ... the offender initiated, developed and maintained an ongoing sexual relationship with her," the prosecutor told the court.

From 2008 until 2012, the man had a sexual relation with his daughter and he forced the girl to keep it a secret from his wife and other two daughters. The girl told the police that she believed that what her father was doing to her was part of a 'normal' father-daughter relationship.

However, upon discussing the state of affairs with her friends in school, the girl realised that it wasn't normal and she should report her father to the authorities.

The father defended himself in court and said that his daughter could have said no at any time in the four years but she never did that.

The prosecutor of the case said that it was the “ultimate betrayal of parental responsibility”. 


Mistaken for monkey, dad shoots son dead

NEPAL: A farmer in southern Nepal mistook his son for a monkey trying to steal his crops and shot the 12-year-old dead, police said on Sunday.

Chitra Bahadur Pulami had been climbing a tree to chase away macaques that had become a nuisance to the family, but his 55-year-old father Gupta Bahadur spotted the boy and opened fire, wrongly believing him to be one of the animals.

"The son was hiding in a tree at their farm to chase away monkeys that used to come searching for food in the maize field," said Arun Poudel, deputy superintendent of police in the remote Arghakhanchi district.

"The son died on the spot after Gupta Bahadur mistakenly thought there was a monkey in the tree and opened fire. Our preliminary investigation shows that the father was unaware that his son had gone to the maize field to chase the monkeys," he said.

"Both Gupta Bahadur and the gun that he used in shooting his son are now under the custody of the police," said the police officer.

The three species of monkey native to Nepal, the rhesus and Assamese macaque and the common langur, are considered sacred and farmers normally try to scare them away from their crops without injuring the animals.

"I realised my mistake only when my son fell down and got stuck in one of the tree's branches," the farmer was quoted as telling police by the Nepali website after the incident, on Friday. (AFP)
Serial bride on the run after duping dozens

INDIA: An Indian woman in Kerala has left more than about 50 men heartbroken and broke (financially). Shahanaz, 33, has allegedly 'married' more than 50 times in the last few years and every time she has run away, reports Indian Express.

However, only about 15 have come out in the open and admitted to have been cheated by her.

The woman's victims include a car showroom worker and a district football player. She also has a child by her first husband, reports Daily Mail.

The woman's modus oeprandi came under spotlight after two men filed police complaints in Chennai and it was discovered that they were both cheated by the same woman. A few other complaints followed but it is believed that a lot of embarrassed victims exist.

Newborn sports coin-size hole in leg after surgery

SINGAPORE: Unsuccessful attempts by nurses trying to insert an intravenous drip into a newborn child resulted in the infant being left with a coin-sized hole in leg in Singapore.

The family members were shocked to find the baby displaying a large black ulcer with dark tissues showing from underneath the wound, reports

The child was born on August 7 and had to undergo surgery. It was clear that the nurses were not able to insert the needle for the IV drip easily and as a result they pricked at the same spot again and again to find the vein, which led to the formation of the pressure ulcer.

The wound could turn worse for the baby if it does not heal fast. Meanwhile, the baby needs to be taken to the hospital every two weeks for the dressing to be changed.
Mother swallows 200 pills for pain

MALAYSIA: A woman who took about 200 tablets for pain died of an overdose. The 42-year-old woman was a diabetic and also suffered from hypertension.

The mother-of-three was suffering from intensive pain in her chest area when she took the pills, reports Asia One.

The doctors are not sure if the woman even knew of the grave consequences of her action.

A widow, the woman used to work as a cleaner to support her family after her husband died in 2004.

The state has promised to look after the woman's three children.
Girl, 8, dragged from cyber cafe to toilet and molested

MALAYSIA: An eight-year-old girl who had gone to an internet cafe was dragged to a toilet and molested by the caretaker of the cafe.

The girl had been accompanied by her friends during her visit, reports Asia One.

The nightmare started when the cafe superviser set his sight on the girl and dragged her to the washroom by force in front of her friends who stood by helplessly. The man forced the little innocent girl to perform unmentionable acts even as she struggled to escape.

Once the girl reached home, she reported to her parents who filed a police complaint and the culprit was arrested by police within hours.

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