Dead woman returns home at night...

Two donkeys guided neighbour to the grave in a Tunisian cemetery

A Tunisian woman who was presumed dead and buried by her family in the morning returned from the grave at night to find mourners are still flooding her home.

The woman, who is married with children, fainted and collapsed on the floor at her house in Wargha village, nearly 283 km south of the capital Tunis.
After failing to resuscitate her, relatives presumed her dead and decided to bury her in the nearby graveyard in the morning, according to the Tunisian Shurooq newspaper.
“Coincidence played a key part in the return of the woman from the world of dead…her neighbour was returning home with her two donkeys when they shot off and entered the cemetery,” the Arabic language daily said.
“As she chased them, she heard a muted voice inside a grave and immediately realised that it was the grave of her neighbour who was presumed dead in the morning…she was so scared that she ran away and told the woman’s family, who came and dug the grave…to their shock, they found that the woman was still alive.”
The paper said the woman, who was not identified, had managed to rip the shroud wrapped around her body inside the grave and started to scream, adding that she was taken back home to find mourners were still there.
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