Dinosaur blood has found in a mosquito fossil

Photo: Bang

Dinosaur blood has reportedly been found in a mosquito fossil, and this finding has set tongues wagging among scientists who beliebe they can create new animals.

Scientists have set tongues wagging pre-historic animals could be recreated as the bodily fluid of the a dinosaur has been found in a piece of amber containing a tick that is over 100 million years old.

According to the Mirror Online the blood-sucking insect had ballooned to almost 10 times the size of a regular tick because it contained the dinosaur DNA.

The researchers also came across a tick clasping onto what is believed to be a dinosaur feather, and they believe such findings could help them create a living dinosaur.

Speaking about the discovery, Dr Ricardo Perez-de-la-Fuente, said: "The fossil record tells us that feathers like the one we have studied were already present on a wide range of theropod dinosaurs, a group which included ground-running forms without flying ability, as well as bird-like dinosaurs capable of powered flight.

"So although we can't be sure what kind of dinosaur the tick was feeding on, the mid-Cretaceous age of the Burmese amber confirms that the feather certainly did not belong to a modern bird, as these appeared much later in theropod evolution according to current fossil and molecular evidence."