'Dog meat' fear keeps Moroccan diners away

Police in Morocco are investigating the illegal trade of dog meat after 37 carcasses were found in a butcher's vehicle, according to the Daily Mail.

Authorities in Morocco have launched an investigation into the illegal trade of dog meat. A man has been arrested in Casablanca after his Honda vehicle was pulled over for a routine traffic offence, it was reported.

Officers decided to search the car and found the dog carcasses in the back.

The driver told police he planned to sell them to restaurants in the poorer areas of the city where they would most likely be used in sausages.

Police have now launched an investigation into the discovery of the dog corpses which they say were 'slaughtered, skinned and prepared for processing into sausages'.

In January 2009, a restaurant owner in Casablanca was jailed for six years for selling dog meat presented as beef to his customers.

His four accomplices were sentenced to between eight months and four years in prison.