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Donkey pops put of manhole

Donkey gets trapped in manhole for almost a night. Fire brigade called to rescue animal. (AFP)

A man walking down Switzerland was astounded to notice a donkey head popping out of a manhole, Metro reported.

The local, Urs Meyer was walking his dog when he spotted an animal head with big ears poking out of the manhole cover. He initially thought it was a stuffed toy until he saw the donkey move the ears and head.

“I don’t know how the manhole cover ended up being moved but the donkey had clearly fallen inside and was stuck there,” he said.

Fire brigade was called to rescue the donkey and in an hour he was brought out unhurt apart from the few scratches it got while trying to wriggle free.

Fire brigade spokesman Markus Osterhagen said,”The donkey was lucky it didn’t end up falling any deeper into the hole. It was hard enough to get it out as it was.  We reckon it probably been there all night.”