Eight million Britons only shower once a week

[Image via Shutterstock]

According to new research, more than eight million Britons admitted to only showering once a week.

The research conducted by BetterBathrooms.com found that 14 per cent of British people wash once in seven days, while 51 per cent of people have admitted to showering daily.

The survey has also revealed only four per cent shower twice a day, whilst 21 per cent of those who took part in the survey shower every other day.

And eight per cent of people have revealed they never shower, and prefer to have a bath instead.

The report also discovered men are most likely to shower daily and women wash less frequently and prefer having a relaxing bath.

The study has found men take a shorter time a seven minute shower, compared to women who spend an average of 13 minutes.

And within that time almost 40 per cent of people have admitted to singing in the shower.