Father kills son for stealing 20 fils

Repentant man amputates his own hand

A poor father beat his only son of 12 years to death for stealing five rupees (20 fils).

The father, a labourer, had saved the money to buy dowry for his daughter. The little boy stole Rs5 from that money, which angered the father and he started beating which led to his death.
The daughters said they begged their father to spare the brother but he beat him relentessly.
The father said his son had committed theft a couple of times earlier also and then he committed it again on Friday he could not control his anger.
But now he repents and cries for his mistake. “I amputated my own hand,” said crying father.
Media reports said the boy’s grandfather has filed a case against his own son for murdering grandson.
Police has arrested the father in murder case.


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