Fortune teller uses asparagus for 2020 predictions

A fortune teller has used asparagus to predict the events of the year ahead.

Jemima Packington - the world's only 'Asparamancer' - thinks Donald Trump will be re-elected, only to be removed from office after being impeached for a second time.

The fortune teller claims to interpret upcoming events by chucking asparagus tips in the air and 'reading' how they land.

She has also predicted a turbulent year for the UK, forecasting that the country will be hit by serious flooding whilst the Royal Family will be hit with further scandal, resulting in some members being relinquished of official duties.

Meanwhile, she suggests that a renowned showbiz personality will unexpectedly retire from public life and be honoured for his achievements.

Jemima - who is also known as Mystic Veg - correctly predicted that England would win the cricket world cup in 2019.

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